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Agencies Still Handle Data with Disregard

- Is the government putting data at risk?

Securing Medical Data

- To better protect the sensitive information provided by its members and improve its Web interface, MedicAlert turned to specialty software.

Agencies Still Handle Data with Disregard

- Is the government putting data at risk?

Zen and the Art of Information Security

- One might assume by the title that  Zen and the Art of Information Security is another cheesy motivational book. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Intellectual Property Protection

- The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, an interagency mechanism created to coordinate federal intellectual-property-theft investigative efforts, has not achieved its mission, says a Government Accountability Office report.

Secrets of a Successful Self-Assessment

- Contractors that handle classified materials must self-assess to ensure that they meet government standards. These tips reveal how to get support from the staff being evaluated.

Document Security: Protecting Physical and Electronic Content

- Document security has evolved with technology, but the most critical element is still the human one.

New WTC Plans Found in Trash Can

- A homeless man Thursday found floor diagrams for the New York City's planned Freedom Tower dumped in a street-side garbage can.

Recent Prosecutions Reveal China's Network of Spies

- Intelligence officials warn China has recruited a vast network of spies to gather confidential information on U.S. military technology as well as private corporate technology.

No Document Security Required, Says Contractor of Canada's Counterterrorism Center

- The contractor building Canada's new counterterrorism facility did not have to follow any industrial security requirements despite the sensitive nature of its work.

Canadian Counterterrorism Building Plans Found in Garbage

- No word yet whether the government will have to revise the building's plans for security reasons.

Research Team Breaks Popular Disk Encryption Technologies

- By using a simple blast of cold air, researchers found they could freeze a computer's encryption keys and use them to access its contents.

Campus Data Breaches on the Rise

- A new report finds that computer security incidents at college campuses increased in 2007.

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