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Corporate Data Protection

- The role of corporate data protection officers in Europe should be strengthened according to experts at the European Commission’s Data Protection Conference in Brussels.

Data Protection

-   CEOs and other senior executives are not on the same page when it comes to data protection, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute. For instance, CEOs are more confident than their employees that data protection policies are adequate.

Companies Need "Data Champion"

- Corporate data protection officers can help organizations keep information they collect safe, but their role should be strengthened.

Software Industry Blasts P2P Networks

- The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is sending a growing flurry of takedown notices to peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and online auction sites in an effort to fight piracy, according to a new BSA report.

Data Protection

- The EU’s 14-year-old Data Protection Directive has caused headaches for global business operations. Now even some supporters say it is increasingly outmoded in a globally networked world and could benefit from a formal review. That’s just one finding in a RAND study on the issue.


- As more companies use encryption, a growing number are choosing to implement centrally managed, platform-based solutions, according to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute and PGP Corp.

EU Data Protection Law Needs Overhaul

- European data regulators revisit how to keep data safe without hindering business amid the realities of a modern globalized world.

Is the Obama Administration Diluting Whistleblower Protections?

- The Obama administration may be backing away from its campaign pledge to protect national security whistleblowers, according to administration e-mail and a Senate committee's draft legislation, reports The Washington Times.

Intellectual Property Piracy Harms Global Economy

- During a congressional field hearing in California, the entertainment industry proposed solutions to stem intellectual property piracy.

Trade Secrets

- A federal appeals court has ruled that an injunction against a company accused of stealing trade secrets was inappropriate. The court determined that monetary damages were available for the plaintiffs if they prevailed in their claim.

Entertainment Piracy

- Entertainment industry representatives told Congress of the increasing economic costs of intellectual property piracy and suggested possible solutions. View the hearing transcripts and video.

UK: Entertainment Industry Wants ISPs to Police Internet

- Britain's entertainment industry is calling on the government to make Internet service providers (ISPs) police their networks by slowing or terminating the connection of users that illegally file share material online, reports

Study: Global Software Piracy Rises

- Global software piracy increased in 2008, costing software vendors an estimated $53 billion dollars, according to an Agence France Presse report based on an annual survey from the Business Software Alliance and IDC.

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