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Morning Security Brief: Al Qaeda 'Chief' Turns Himself In, TSA Scanners Deemed Safe, North Korea Suspends Nuclear Work, and More

- One of the FBI's most wanted turns himself in in Egypt. Inspector General's report on body scanners released. North Korea suspends nuclear activities. And more.

Identity Theft: The Number One Consumer Complaint in 2011

- Identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in 2011 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases a new version of a Web tool to combat information mining.

Morning Security Brief: Mexican Drug War, Google's New Privacy Policy Questioned, The UN on Piracy, and More

- Janet Napolitano's positive outlook on Mexico. State Attorneys General question Google's commitment to privacy. The United Nations says more outside support is needed to fight pirates. And more.

Pew Data Shows Increased Concern For Privacy Online

- Women are more selective about who they share information with online and less likely to post things they regret, according to a new Pew survey on Internet privacy.

Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security

- Books about these issues are equally plentiful, but none that I have seen addresses the issue in more detail or with greater insight than this work by Daniel Solove, a professor at George Washington University’s Law School.

YouPorn Blames Third Party Provider for Data Breach

- Registered users should “rest assured” that none of their data has been exposed, according to a statement released Thursday afternoon by the popular adult Web site YouPorn. There's still no official number on how many people were affected.

Morning Security Brief: Muslim Student Surveillance, D Block Reallocated, The 'Arms Race' for Your Personal Data, and More

- The NYPD left the city to spy on Muslim students. Congress passes first responder spectrum legislation. Why Web sites want your personal information so badly. And more.

Why Valentine’s Day Surveillance May Not Be a Good Idea

- Before you decide to track your spouse...

Data Security

- A new bill (S. 1535) that would impose data security requirements on companies that handle personally identifiable information has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate has announced that it will consider the measure.


- A government employee may proceed with her invasion of privacy claim against her employer. The employee was filmed during a shower, and the images were posted on the computer network, available to all employees in the workplace.

CHART: How Companies Protect Sensitive Information

- Steps companies are taking to protect data.  

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

- The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

- The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

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