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Data Brokers

- A federal court allowed a man to pursue legal action against an investigative service that provided his personal information to a data broker. The court ruled that the service “failed to use reasonable care” in distributing the man’s information, which was later used for an improper purpose.

Legal Report

- Court rulings on social media and the demotion of an untruthful federal employee are discussed. Also, California strengthens its data breach law, while Massachusetts introduces a bill to crack down on workplace bullying.


- A company is not liable for injuries sustained in a vehicle accident caused by one of its employees. The employee, though driving a company truck, was acting outside the scope of his employment when the accident occurred because the employee was traveling to meet his wife on a purely personal errand.

Noncompete Agreements

- A state appeals court has ruled that a company’s noncompete agreement is unenforceable because it is overbroad. The court ruled that the company has “no protectable interest in public information” and “cannot deem by fiat all information…acquired through employment is confidential.”


- To prevail under a California law requiring the protection of personal health information, a plaintiff must prove that the information was accessed by unauthorized individuals. Alleging that the information could have been accessed is insufficient.

Drug Testing

- New York’s high court has ruled that a parolee can sue a third-party laboratory after the lab reported erroneous results on a drug test. The parolee accused the laboratory of negligent testing because it failed to conduct a back-up test to correct for a known high false-positive rate.

Morning Security Brief: Chemical Facility Security, Embassy Safety, NSA Surveillance Reform, and More

- Congress holds hearings and the White House issues an executive order on chemical facility security, the U.S. closes embassies in the Middle East after unspecified threats, President Obama meets with lawmakers to discuss reforming the NSA surveillance program, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Border Security, Cloud Forensics, and Trade Secret Theft

- The Senate passed border security provisions as part of the immigration reform bill, a computer security group announces efforts to establish best practices on forensic investigations in the cloud, and the U.S. Department of Justice has charged a Chinese wind turbine manufacturer with theft of trade secrets from a U.S. company.

Morning Security Brief: Defense Authorization Act, Facial Recognition, and Government Data Requests

- The House of Representatives has approved the 2014 Defense Authorization Act; states are using driver’s licenses to establish photo databases for law enforcement; and Apple says that the government made thousands of requests for data over the past several months.

Is Whistleblowing Working?

- As the Dodd-Frank whistleblower program—designed to help catch fraud at financial institutions—reaches its one year anniversary, experts look at how it is working.

Morning Security Brief: Government Seeks Wiretap Powers, New Suspect Charged in Ricin Case, and More

- A government task force is drafting legislation to allow real-time interception of online communications, another suspect is arrested in the ricin case, and a government employee may pursue his whistleblower case against the Department of Homeland Security.

Senate Holds Hearing on Drones

- Witnesses at a Senate subcommittee hearing on the use of drones as a counterterrorism tool told lawmakers that, while useful, the drone program should have stringent oversight.

Morning Security Brief: School Security, Concealed Weapons, and More

- School districts that employ school resources officers see more discipline against students, a new bill introduced in Missouri would open businesses up to liability if they do not allow concealed weapons, and a school district is found negligent for failing to provide safe and adequate transport for a student who was struck by a car and killed.

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