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Quick Bytes: Lost message, lost time

- If you’ve ever wasted time searching for an e-mail you know you’ve sent or received but can’t locate, you’re not alone: 59 percent of all U.S. adults have done it (the number is 6 percent higher for those who make more than $75,000 a year).

Quick Bytes: Online fraud trends

- Online retailers are hit with fraud from international orders at a rate that is twice the overall average.

Off-the-Shelf Shrink Solution

- Find out how a lifecycle approach to product handling can reduce losses at your company.

Personal Data

- A new online guide on information theft discusses the effects of loss of personal data. Future installments will discuss prevention.

Credit Card Fraud

- This report highlights 10 ways that businesses can reduce credit card fraud.

A Look at Laptop Theft


Working in the Wild

- If a laptop is stolen, encryption software keeps data hidden, while tracking software "phones home," making it easy to catch the crooks.

QUICK BYTES - Business PC Risk

- Thirteen percent of corporate PCs have had unauthorized USB devices attached to them, creating the risk for data loss and malware to enter the corporate system.

QUICK BYTES - Data Disaster?

- One-third of IT professionals believe that a major data breach could put their company out of business.


- 54 Percentage of identity theft breaches stemming from the theft or loss of a computer or storage medium, such as a USB memorykey, according to a recent Symantec report.

A Site to See

- A one-stop site for testing your PC's speed and security.

Crooks Zero in on Vulnerable Data

- Growth in "zero-day" attacks.


- For every two dollars worth of software purchased legally in 2006, one dollar's worth was stolen according to a new piracy study by BSA and IDC.

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