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Social Networking Sites Assist Investigations

- As more investigators use social media, they need to be aware of the legal issues and tread carefully.

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

- Most in the security and law enforcement fields would agree that publications by Fred Inbau and John Reid are typically recognized as being authoritative. The latest publication, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, Fifth Edition by Inbau and Reid as well as Joseph Buckley and Brian Jayne is no exception.

Social Engineering, the Art of Human Hacking

- This is a comprehensive survey of social engineering concepts, techniques, and frameworks. It is a great reference in need of better editing to sharpen it into a more readable format.

Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Tracking, New Hacker Collective Appears Online, Sensitive Record Breach, and More

- Congress wants to know how many times cell phone companies have provided data to law enforcement. A new hacker group calling itself the Unknowns says it wants to show NASA and the Air Force how it breached their networks. An anti-abortion group says it leaked patient medical records from a Kansas City abortion clinic. And more.

The Security Management Digital Edition Is Live

- This online-only edition includes eight editorial videos, five expandable maps, audio interviews, animated advertisements, and much more.

Maryland Prohibits DNA Collection From Suspects Who Have Only Been Charged

- Maryland law enforcement officials worry that a recent court ruling on DNA collection could jeopardize convictions and make it harder to solve crimes.

Technology Increases Rate of Missing Children Recovered

- Success in locating missing children can be attributed to changes in technology and social media, according to a non-profit clearinghouse for missing children.

Morning Security Brief: Chinese Surveillance, Mexico Preps for Volcano Eruption, Police Moonlighting as Guards, and More

- China hints at scaling back foreign products for surveillance, citing national security risks. Mexico readies emergency services ahead of possible volcano eruption. Australian authorities have opened an inquiry into police moonlighting as private security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Secret Service Security Breach, Novelty Grenade at Ground Zero, Recording Interrogations, and More

- Rep. Peter King calls a scandal involving Secret Service agents and prostitutes in Colombia a serious breach in security. The person who received a novelty grenade at an office near Ground Zero is put on administrative leave. Law enforcement agencies looking to record video of interrogations. And more.

Fusion Centers

- All fusion centers must have a DHS-approved privacy policy in place to receive federal grant funding. The policy is designed to protect the civil liberties of U.S. citizens. Read more about how one fusion center, the Colorado Information Analysis Center, developed its policy.

GPS Tracking

- A state appeals court has ruled that in a case where an employer suspected that an employee was falsifying time sheets, it was not a violation of privacy to place a GPS tracking device on the employee’s car and record his movements for 30 days.

Morning Security Brief: Eliminating Concealed Carry Permits, Pepper Spray Cop, Predator Uses Facebook to Lure Teen, and More

- State considering eliminating concealed carry permits. A court blocks the release of the investigative report of the "pepper spray cop" incident. Police say a man lured a teen to a hotel using Facebook. And more.


- A new standard out of the National Institute of Standards and Technology simplifies the transfer of DNA data across borders. It also provides more details on transmitting fingerprint and crime scene data.

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