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Morning Security Brief: Update on Boston Bombings, Suspect in Ricin Mailing, History of Pressure Cooker Bombs, and More

- Law enforcement has a suspect in mind as the sender of the alleged ricin letter to Senator Roger Wicker. No real suspects or motives have yet emerged in the Boston Marathon bombings. Pressure cookers have been favored by terrorist bomb makers for some time. DHS is questioned on adding Saudi Arabia to Trusted Traveler program.

Treasury Department Using Advanced Analytics to Help Detect, Prevent Money-Laundering

- Better data analysis of suspicious activity reports filed by financial institutions is expected to help law enforcement combat money laundering more efficiently.

FTC to Study How Data Brokers Gather and Use Personal Information

- The FTC has launched a study on privacy practices in the data broker industry.

NYPD Testing Its First Gun-Detecting Body Scanner

- The NYPD is testing a new device it hopes will help officers see firearms through clothing. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly hopes future versions of the device can be mounted on police vehicles or worn on officers’ belts.

Morning Security Brief: Weapon Buyback Program Successful, First Winter Storm, Escapee Back in Custody, and More

- More than 1,100 firearms surrendered in a New Jersey city one day after Sandy Hook. The first major storm of the season drops snow on the Midwest. One of two prisoners who escaped a federal prison is back in custody. And more.

Morning Security Brief: German Police Can Turn Off Mobile Networks, 500 Percent Increase in Child Body Armor Sales, and More

- A new law in Germany gives police power over wireless networks. One company sees a 500 percent increase in sales of bulletproof items for children after the Newtown shooting. Police in the UK say they can reduce bike thefts just by adding a sticker a bike’s frame. And more.

Federal Cybersecurity Perspective: Interview with Laura Mather, Ph.D.

- An interview with Dr. Laura Mather, cofounder and chief visionary of Silver Tail Systems.

Creating a Digital Evidence Policy

- Now that most court cases involve digital evidence analysis, companies should develop a policy on retaining such documents.

Morning Security Brief: Unfit For Duty, Confrontation at Sea, Dead Men’s DNA, and More

- A Florida newspaper’s investigative project reveals a wide range of misconduct among the state’s police and corrections officers. One Coast Guard member is dead after a confrontation with smugglers off the coast of California. Illinois police look to build a database of executed inmates to help solve cold cases. And more.

Creating a Digital Evidence Policy

- Now that most court cases involve digital evidence analysis, companies should develop a policy on retaining such documents.

Fusion Centers Spark Debate at DHS Anniversary Discussion

- The truthfulness of a controversial congressional investigative report looking into DHS support for fusion centers became a point of debate between a DHS lawyer and an ACLU representative during a homeland security panel discussion Wednesday.

Federal Court Rules FCRA Constitutional

- In a ruling handed down last week, a federal district court upheld a provision of federal law that makes it illegal for consumer reporting agencies to disclose background check information that is more than seven years old.

Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Records, Social Media, Tracking Chemicals, Hurricane Preparedness, and More

- Police in the U.K. routinely extract and store information from suspects’ mobile phones. Infographic: Solving crime with social media. Peru to track overland chemical shipments using GPS. And more.

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