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Morning Security Brief: Disaster Scams, Libyan Weapons, Boko Haram, and More

- Phishing scams roll in after Irene rolls out. As Gaddafi's troops flee, thousand of weapons are unaccounted for. The death toll rises in last week's UN bombing, and the investigation progresses.

Cracking Down on Trafficking

- By enlisting the help of every resource, from airlines to the victims themselves, organizations are trying to thwart human traffickers.

Morning Security Brief: Terrorism Report, FBI Informants, Illegal Licenses, Caribbean Crime, and More.

- State Department annual terrorism report finds more of the same in terms of the threats and the usual suspects. There are more FBI informants now than ever. DMV employee indicted for issuing illegal licenses. Crime on the rise in the Bahamas. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Battling Extremism Domestically, Cloud Security Registry, Gun Laws, and More

- The White House puts forth a plan for battling domestic terrorism. A cloud security registry for consumers is created. Florida's legislature overrides local gun laws. And more.

When Darkness Falls in Delhi

- The growth of 24/7 call centers in India puts women at risk. Efforts to protect them have generated results as well as criticism.

Morning Security Brief: Psychiatric Holds, Loose Missiles, Diplomat Tracker, And More.

- Involuntary mental holds on the rise. Trouble with loose anti-aircraft missiles. An old security system is revamped to protect diplomatic personnel. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Race, Afghanistan Exit, Neo-Nazis, and More

- China races to build drones and the largest surveillance network. Why Israel is on terror watch list. Neo-Nazis try to hide in plain sight. And more.

African Nations Top the List of Countries with Human Trafficking Problems

- African countries top the list of nations with human trafficking problems, according to the 2011 Trafficking in Persons report released Monday by the U.S State Department. The Central African Republic, The Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Zimbabwe share the top of the list with North Korea, Iran, and Burma. They do not comply with the minimum standards to combat human trafficking and are not making efforts to do so, says the report.

Morning Security Brief: Pakistan's Consistent Record, Fighting Fraud, and the Future of Libya

- Newly released formerly classified documents show Pakistan's long pre-9-11 history of not helping to find Osama bin Laden. Senators Leahy and Grassley introduce bill to give the Justice Department more money to fight fraud. Libyan opposition lays out plans for transition to democracy.

Feds Using Wiretaps and Undercover Agents to Investigate Companies Bribing Foreign Officials

- The federal government is using investigative techniques reserved for gangs and organized crime to catch U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials.

Morning Security Brief: Japan's Nuclear Plant Problems, WikiLeaks Fallout, Malware, and More

- Progress and remaining concerns at Japan's Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power facility. WikiLeaks fallout continues for U.S. State Department. Web-based malware attacks up 93 percent. DARPA seeks multilingual robot, and more.

The Real Price of Virtual Kidnappings

- Travelers should be wary of scams in which criminals steal a cell phone and then falsely claim to be holding its owner hostage.

Morning Security Brief: Updates on the Middle East

- CNN has a helpful country-by-country overview of the Middle East situation in both chart and text form. The New York Times examines how the conflicts change the power dynamics, perhaps to Iran's benefit. And more.

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