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Morning Security Brief: Trapwire Revealed, Muslim Spying Case, Terrorists in Syria, and More

- A leaked document exposes Trapwire. Syrian rebels don't really like fighting alongside jihadists. Stop and frisk opinions. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Data Protection, Bird Flu, Drug Tunnels, and More

- New York State Public Service Commission says utilities companies failed to protect customer data. Mexico kills 2.5 birds to contain H7N3 outbreak. New drug tunnels found in Mexico and Arizona. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Healthcare Law And Private Security, Company Spies on the Media, UAV Hack, and More

- What the new healthcare law could mean for private security. Someone has been hiring private security to run surveillance on Reuters journalists in Greece. Ontario, Canada to review emergency response plans. A college professor who can hack UAVs. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Explosives Found Near Nuclear Power Plant, New Biodefense Centers, and More

- Explosives found near Swedish nuclear power plant . Reflections of Fukushima. HHS awards contracts for biodefense labs. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Iranian Assassination Suspects Captured, CAPTCHA Vulnerabilities, Polio in Pakistan, and More

- Iran says it has arrested 20 suspects in the assassinations of several nuclear scientists. A new report examines CAPTCHA vulnerabilities. A Taliban leader plans to ban polio vaccines if the U.S. continues drone strikes. And more.

EU Parliament Committees Reject ACTA Treaty

- Four European parliament committees have voted against a major international treaty that aims to protect against online piracy and the trade of counterfeit goods.

Nigeria’s Security Challenges

- Government corruption, gangs, and terrorism are among the challenges facing Nigeria and threatening its stability.

Morning Security Brief: Researchers Discover Super Malware, Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed in Strike, The World Tomorrow, and More

- Researchers discover the most sophisticated malware in the world. Al Qaeda leader Sakhr al-Taifi is killed. The World Tomorrow explores the Occupy Movement. And more.

Nigeria’s Security Challenges

- Government corruption, gangs, and terrorism are among the challenges facing Nigeria and threatening its stability.

Al Qaeda Worried Collateral Damage From Chemical Attacks Would Hurt Its Image

- In 2007, al Qaeda suspended using chlorine gas as a weapon while waiting for guidance on whether or not to continue the practice, according to documents published online.

Holding Individuals Accountable

- To get companies to take corruption charges more seriously, the U.S. is now going beyond fines to individual prosecutions.

Morning Security Brief: Somalia Bombing, Dallas Tornadoes, Insider Attacks Against NATO, and More

- Somalian Olympic officials killed in suicide attack. No deaths reported in Tuesday's tornado outbreak in Texas. NATO says most insider attacks come from stress, not the Taliban. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Hacktivism, Toulouse Shooter Dies After Fall, Minutemen Groups Disappearing, and More

- Hackers like Anonymous steal more data than cybercriminals in 2011. The Toulouse shooter dies trying to escape after a 32-hour standoff. Lawmakers take up the Minutemen cause. And more.

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