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Online Fraud

- The 7th Annual Online Fraud Report finds that online retailers are hit with fraud from international orders at a rate that is twice the overall average.

Will Every Rat Have Its Day?

- Can wasps, moths, pigs, and rats be as useful as dogs in detecting dangerous chemicals? Researchers say yes.

European Islamic Policies Examined

- “Muslims are the largest religious minority in Europe, and Islam is the fastest growing religion,” says a new report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The report, Muslims in Europe: Integration Policies in Selected Countries, notes that understanding how best to integrate and engage these growing populations can help mitigate the risk of Islamic extremism finding a foothold. @ Go to SM Online to read more.

Data Retention

- The European Union has approved a new directive that would require telecommunications companies in member states to retain data generated by electronic communications—though the content of the communications may not be collected—to aid law enforcement in combating serious crimes. @ For more information on the directive, visit Security Management Online.

Business News

- A study will look at public-private partnerships; Per Lundkvist, CPP, is profiled.

Transit System

- Despite the attacks on the Madrid and London rail systems, commuters concerned about safety should think twice about forgoing mass transit for cars, according to a brief paper by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent Canadian research institution specializing in transportation issues.

Quick Bytes: Cyberwar Risk

- China has established information warfare units to develop viruses to attack enemy computer systems and networks, according to a recent Defense Department (DoD) report. Other countries, including the United States, are developing similar capabilities.

CIA: Poor Pre-9-11 Performance, Report Says

- The recently declassified executive summary from the Central Intelligence Agency's own inspector general report confirms the intelligence failures documented by the 9-11 Commission: the CIA made critical mistakes leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

International Security

- What are the implications of China’s military buildup and global power plays? A Department of Defense report examines the issue.

Military Web Sites Security Leaks Worse Than Soldier Bloggers

- An Army audit found official military websites more prone to security leaks than soldiers' blogs.

Security and Outsourcing: Negotiate Early

- The need to focus on security during negotiations with outsource contractors.

Port Security

- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched the first phase of its Secure Freight program.

Security and Human Rights

- A RAND study examines 15 years of U.S. assistance to repressive states and finds that it failed to bolster human rights or accountability.

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