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The Art of Integration

- When faced with upgrading physical security equipment for its headquarters and regional offices, Christie's auction house took the opportunity to integrate and centralize the system.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Connectivity and Interoperability on the Fly

- Mobile ad hoc networks may be the solution for first responders operating in trying environments generally not conducive to connectivity or interoperability.

What Will the Blowback of Future Military Technologies be for Society?

- The current pace of technological innovation inside the U.S. military could mean a future where robotic and cyborg insects track the movement of private citizens and humans communicate telepathically, finally putting an end to the belief in real privacy, a scientist hypothesized today.

Hot Docs: Christmas Day Terrorist Attack Edition

- A quick compendium of documents and statements released on the intelligence failures leading up to the botched terrorist attack on Christmas Day as well as the corrective actions necessary to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Cross-Pollination Yields Bumper Crop of Ideas

- How cross-pollination has helped ideas grow in the field of security.

Security's Holistic Solution

- While many companies debate the merits of an integrated approach to security, convergence has been a priority for Massachusetts-based Genzyme Corporation for over a decade.

Industrial Control Systems Vulnerable to Cyberthreats, Expert Says

- The industrial control systems that run the United States' critical infrastructure, such as electrical grids and nuclear plants, are woefully vulnerable to cyberthreats, intentional and unintentional, a nuclear engineer told a Senate committee yesterday.

FCC Proposal Aimed at Securing Public Safety Spectrum Bid

- The FCC hopes slashing the cost of the wireless spectrum set aside for first responders will entice a buyer.

Congress Gets Report Card on Homeland-Security Information Sharing

- The Department of Homeland Security's intelligence-sharing efforts were criticized by witnesses from state and local law enforcement positions.

Pocket Workplace

- A new form of desktop virtualization promises to let employees take their workstation anywhere— whether they're connected to a server or not.

Security Convergence

- Thirty-three percent of chief information and security officers say security convergence between security and IT will never occur, according to a recent survey sponsored by Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab.

Hackers Cause Blackouts in Foreign Cities

- The attack was revealed by a CIA senior analyst at a security conference on Friday.

Closed Circuit Television, Third Edition

- Want a good overview of CCTV systems, their history and their evolution? Then this book is for you.

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