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Editor's Note: Innovations to Ring in the New Year

- A look at how some security companies are innovating to improve designs and services.

Innovations to Ring in the New Year

- A look at how some security companies are innovating to improve designs and services.

Solving the Interoperability Riddle

- Has a Silicon Valley start-up cost-efficiently solved the seemingly intractable problem of achieving interoperability for first responders?

Afternoon Security Brief: Remote Viewing, The Dip Chip Tests Toxicity, NCCD Web Site Goes Live, and More

- Default passwords and remote viewing allow hackers to view surveillance footage. Researchers create a biosensor that can detect toxicity in real time. The National Council on Crime and Delinquency launches a new Web site. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Unlocking Mobile Phones, Drug Violence and Assault Rifles, LightSquared Bankruptcy, and more

- Police training documents show how agencies get into locked phones. Mexico says drug violence can’t bet stopped until the U.S. gets a handle on assault rifles. Talk of LightSquared bankruptcy. And more.

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CDC: Smartphones Could Increase Disease Surveillance In Developing Countries

- The CDC says smartphones are showing promise as tools to quickly monitor disease outbreaks in developing countries.

Emergency Communications

- Social media creates a revolutionary tool for communicating information, gaining situational awareness, and forging networks of mutual aid during a disaster, asserts the Center for National Policy in a new report.

Worth a Look: CamCam

- A new application called CamCam, offers a good balance of quality, ease of use, and cost for someone who wants a limited home surveillance option.

House Subcommittee Explores Whether Wireless Broadband Expansion Could Affect Aviation Safety

- An up and coming broadband company is building a network that would make wireless Internet available to everyone in America. Now their plans to connect the entire country are facing criticism from aviation and GPS organizations who say expansion of wireless broadband services shouldn’t trump the importance of safety in aviation and maritime operations. But researchers say more study is needed to determine whether nationwide broadband would really affect transportation safety.

Smart Grid Security

- A new set of guidelines, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, aims to strengthen smart grid security (.pdf).

Christie's Sold on the Art of Integration

- When the august auction house decided to upgrade its physical security system, it decided to integrate ten independent platforms into one central command station.

Security Gets SaaSy, But Has Standards

- Standards and working in the cloud are among the trends shaping security's future.

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