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Britain's Identity Crisis

- Support for one of the world's most ambitious identity card systems gradually chips away.

Trends in ID Cards

- A look at new card technologies and how companies are applying them.

Airlines, Embassies Against Collecting Biometric Info on Exiting Foreigners

- Both groups say it is the responsibility of the federal government to administer the exit portion of the US-VISIT program.

Identity Cards

- Support for the United Kingdom’s ambitious identity card system is ebbing away, reports a London think tank.

Privacy Expert to Government: Encrypt Biometric Information

- The U.S. needs to encrypt the personally identifiable biometric information it stores before a data breach exposes multitudes to identity theft, according to a leading privacy expert.

Identify Theft Swells in the U.K.

- Over the past year, identity theft in the United Kingdom almost doubled, mostly targeting the rich.

U.S. Federal Legislation: Identity Theft

- A bill (H.R. 5405) introduced by Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) would require that Social Security cards be made of tamperproof and wear-resistant materials and include a digital photo of the cardholder. Under the measure, the card would be encrypted, machine-readable, and contain some sort of biometric identifier.


- Find out what the White House is recommending to ensure that biometric systems used by the government are interoperable across agencies.

Three International Hackers Indicted for "Sniffing" Payment Card Numbers

- Three men allegedly "sniffed" an unknown amount of credit and debit card numbers from 11 Dave and Buster's restaurants nationally.

REAL ID, WHTI Opponents' Concerns Persist

- Testifying before Congress, public and private sector critics joined civil libertarians to attack REAL ID and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative on multiple fronts.

State Legislation: Idaho: Identity Theft

- A bill (S.B. 1357) introduced in the Idaho Senate would amend existing identity theft laws to add a new crime. Under the bill, enhanced penalties would be assessed if a person used false pretenses or misrepresentations to facilitate identity theft.

IRS Failing to Protect Taxpayers from Identity Theft

- IRS commissioner admits he has no idea how close the agency is to developing a process to respond to and resolve the theft of taxpayers' identities.

US-VISIT Poorly Managed, Probably Behind Schedule

- The GAO says DHS spent a third of a biometric program's funding before determining whether it was cost-effective.

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