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A Face in the Crowd

- The Pennsylvania Justice Network, an online portal for law enforcement, was looking to upgrade its facial recognition software to search the millions of suspect images in its bookings database. They turned to two different technologies to upgrade their system.


- A recent report jointly conducted by Experian and the Ponemon Institute surveyed consumers who were victims of data breaches. In the report, The Aftermath of a Mega Data Breach: Consumer Sentiment, 63 percent of consumers said they believe the company where the data breach occurred should be obligated to provide identity theft protection to affected parties, and 67 percent wanted compensation such as cash, products, or services.

Target Breach Offers Protection Lessons

- Secure payment systems used in Europe and Canada are set to become the U.S. norm.

Medical Identity Theft

- Medical identity theft occurs when personal information is used by unauthorized individuals to obtain medical care, buy drugs, or submit fake billings to Medicare or insurance companies. A new survey from the Ponemon Institute and the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance looks at the scope of the problem. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Tips also provides tips on protecting your medical identity.

Identity Verification and Privacy Issues Debated by Legal Experts

- A Department of Homeland Security director and private sector lawyers join on a panel to discuss identity verification and privacy issues.

VIDEO: Disconnect Shows How Browser Sessions Get Hijacked and How to Protect Them

- Disconnect, Inc., has created a browser extension to help users surf the Web securely and keep sites from tracking their browsing habits.

Photos of Prince William Reveal 'Sensitive' Information and Login Credentials

- Tip: Don’t post network login details on the wall – especially if you’re working for the Ministry of Defence.

Los Angeles Releases Fact Sheet on ID Card Proposal

- In response to an information request, the mayor’s office provided a fact sheet on the proposed plan to introduce an identification card that could double as a debit card for LA residents.

Los Angeles to Consider ID Cards for Undocumented Immigrants

- Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says that providing a city identification card for undocumented immigrants could help reduce crime and make immigrants more accountable to their community.

Navy Bases to Scan '100 Percent' of IDs at the Gate

- Visual ID inspections at military bases may become a thing of the past as installations move toward digital scanning to verify access.

Verified? The UK Looks at Using Social Media to Establish Identity

- The UK wants to use social media or banking credentials as proof of identity for access to public services.

Morning Security Brief: China Suspected in Pipeline Attacks, Toddler on No-Fly List, The Market for Drones, and More

- A government official says China may be responsible for a series of cyberattacks on natural gas pipeline companies. An airline says a computer glitch caused it to seem like a toddler was on the no-fly list. The market for drones is already booming despite lack of FAA approval to fly. And more.

Nonprofit Tax Returns Provide a Gold Mine of Exposed SSNs

- Donors to charities, staff at nonprofits, and scholarship recipients should be wary about sharing their Social Security numbers with tax-exempt organizations whose returns become part of the public record, says a new white paper.

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