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Working in the Wild

- If a laptop is stolen, encryption software keeps data hidden, while tracking software "phones home," making it easy to catch the crooks.

A Healthy Dose of Security

- South Carolina's Greenville Hospital System upgrades its security program thanks to a healthy dose of funding.

Watching the Web

- How one company tracks employees' Internet use, including wireless access, to monitor both activity and bandwidth requirements.

When Ex-Workers Won’t Stay Away

- Some terminated workers, like the proverbial bad penny, just keep coming back. Here’s how one company handled the harassment.

New Tools to Tackle Crime

- The Dallas Police Department improves the effectiveness of its remote CCTV surveillance network by switching from microwave transmission to cellular.

A Healthy Way to Protect Patient Data

- A healthcare organization found that it needed a way to control the use of removable media to ensure that patient data remains protected.

Smart Solutions To Security Problems

- Cracking down on prescription drug theft via an incident database, coupled with Crime Stoppers tips.

Campus Access Controlled

- The University of Pittsburgh integrates new access control hardware and sofware into existing electronic systems.

One for the Books

- Protecting the iconic Strand Book Store's - 18 miles of books - in New York City.

Beyond Print

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