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Mapping the Crime Scene

- Crime mapping reports of possible locations help one national bank find the safest of the suitable sites on which to build new branches.

Extinguishing Fire Safety Problems

- A New Hampshire school updates its maintenance andinspection of fire extinguishers.

Scoping Out Malicious Mail

- Spying suspicious mail at the National Security Agency.

Watching Over Guests

- In contrast, the 3VR system requires employee training of about 15 minutes, and it has generally performed as promised. For example, to aid police on the case involving the robbery by the prostitute, the Talbott’s security staff used two key components of the 3VR system: its ability to rapidly narrow down video footage based on the hour, the location, and any unusual physical movement; and its ability to help staff find suspects using the facial recognition feature.

Healthy Approach to Data Protection


Military Museum Guards Against Fire

- Smart solutions to security problems.

Working in the Wild

- If a laptop is stolen, encryption software keeps data hidden, while tracking software "phones home," making it easy to catch the crooks.

A Healthy Dose of Security

- South Carolina's Greenville Hospital System upgrades its security program thanks to a healthy dose of funding.

Watching the Web

- How one company tracks employees' Internet use, including wireless access, to monitor both activity and bandwidth requirements.

When Ex-Workers Won’t Stay Away

- Some terminated workers, like the proverbial bad penny, just keep coming back. Here’s how one company handled the harassment.

New Tools to Tackle Crime

- The Dallas Police Department improves the effectiveness of its remote CCTV surveillance network by switching from microwave transmission to cellular.

A Healthy Way to Protect Patient Data

- A healthcare organization found that it needed a way to control the use of removable media to ensure that patient data remains protected.

Smart Solutions To Security Problems

- Cracking down on prescription drug theft via an incident database, coupled with Crime Stoppers tips.

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