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An Urgent Message

- One school district tells how it uses a new mass notification system to alert parents to problems large and small.

School Improves Image

- A new digital camera system has helped administrators at one Canadian school identify thieves and vandals while keeping students safe.

Kilroy Has Left the Building

- CCTV has driven away graffiti and bogus slip-and-fall claims at one Manhattan building.

Bulking Up Video Surveillance

- A CCTV system is deemed fit for a chain of gyms.

Patch as Patch Can

- One of the greatest dangers to a computer network is the presence of desktop PCs and servers that have not been patched for the latest vulnerabilities and can be exploited by malicious attacks such as worms. Blame goes to software developers for creating insecure programs as well as to network administrators who don't get patches installed before an attack happens.

Building Cleared of Glass Danger

- The National Geographic building discovers window film, and an electric meter supplier gets a reading on patch management software.

Powering Up Log Auditing

- A holding company for utilities finds a solution to digging through network log entries.

Protecting the Pudding

- Atherton, California, which has fewer than 10,000 residents, doesn't worry a lot about crime. From 2002-2003, there were fewer than 50 reports of vandalism--the highest category of crime in the city. Although the crime rate is low by most standards, police officers in Atherton face many of the same logistical challenges that confront departments twice their size. Securing the evidence room is one such challenge.

Picturing the Perfect Picker

- Cherry-picking a badge system for harvesters, and keeping a thumb on evidence.

Diagnosis Prognosis More Positive

- The University of Iowa strengthens its ability to identify symptoms of bioterrorism.

Better Controls for Contractors

- Before contract employees can enter the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, they must be fingerprinted and pass a rigorous screening process.

Laptops Don't Have Legs

- How one facility in New York City managed to stop its laptops from walking away by updating its access control system.

Problems Passé in Passaic Valle

- Stickers that say, "Hello my name is..." may be fine for modern mingling. They are not, however, a firm framework for access control. But for the guards at the Passaic Valley Water Commission, in Northeast, New Jersey, such stickers had become a quick and easy option for registering the more than 50 visitors and temporary contractors entering the treatment facility on a daily basis.

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