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Keeping Data in Its Place

- A new software program is helping the city of Richmond better manage and monitor user access to data.

City Surveillance Success

- The surveillance system launched in Davenport, Iowa, has helped the police as intended, but the city has been surprised by the positive response from both businesses and the public.

Bridging the Gap

- Illuminators, facial-recognition cameras, and license-plate-capture technology are helping to secure a key border crossing.

Till Security Counts

- Operating under a time-consuming cash management system, a Texas supermarket chain installed an automated system that tracks and secures the money in checkout tills.

A Command Performance

- The Dallas Police Department designs a mobile command unit to meet the city's specific needs.

Put a Lid on It

- Surveillance cameras that are active only at night and during emergencies helped one town balance privacy concerns and security needs.

The Art of Integration

- When faced with upgrading physical security equipment for its headquarters and regional offices, Christie's auction house took the opportunity to integrate and centralize the system.

Rough Waters, Smooth Response

- A video sharing system allows first responders in New York City to view live images from various public and private cameras.

Network Mapping Solution

- How network mapping helped a government agency flag potential firewall misconfigurations in addition to possible noncompliance with regulations and standards.

Spreading the Word

- A public address system helps a college get detailed information directly to students during a crisis.

Security's Sweet Spot

- When it bought and renovated a former candy factory, Novartis built layered security measures into plans.

Curing What Ails Hospitals

- To keep narcotics from being stolen by staff, one healthcare provider installed an automated dispensing system, increased auditing, and created an awareness program.

Picture of Health

- A new surveillance system helps Southside Medical Center offer succor in a secure environment.

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