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Assessing the Academy

- After quadrupling in size in less than 10 years, the Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy upgrades its access control system.

A New Point of View

- Police officers at the University of Dayton don wearable cameras to document their campus patrol efforts.

Bridging A Security Gap

- The Maryland Transportation Authority uses a central monitoring platform to merge alarms and video into one application.

Seeking Faster Footage

- Video analytics software allows security to review hours of surveillance quickly by displaying all the images on one screen.

Scoring One For Security

- Officials are fine tuning security at Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã Stadium in advance of June's FIFA World Cup.

The Perks of IP Video

- When the security team at Starbucks upgraded to IP video, it was able to keep legacy equipment intact and meet expansion needs.

Case Study

- New panic buttons help hospital security guards respond more quickly to violent incidents.

Case Study

- How a security upgrade at a Florida gated community allowed them to reduce security patrols while increasing perimeter protection.

Threat Reporting Made Easy

- A new online reporting tool makes it more likely that this community college will learn about troubled students before they spin out of control.

Case Study

- Learn about a software solution that helped one bank catch malware and save staff time previously spent on scanning PCs manually.

Case Study

- The New York State Bridge Authority needed a sophisticated surveillance system that could detect anomalies, such as stopped cars, on five bridges spanning the Hudson River.

School Seeks Uniformity

- The IT department at the Escambia County (Florida) School District has embarked on a five-year quest to unify and update the district’s access control system.  

A Healthy Access Upgrade

- Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago required a new access control system to provide a secure environment for its employees, patients, and visitors.

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