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Security as a Governance Concern

- Saying that the basis of a good IT security program is effective enterprise security governance smacks of business-school jargon. After all, what exactly is effective enterprise security governance?

Hijackings in Cyberspace

- Get the ICANN report on domain highjacking.


- This OCC bulletin helps banks to respond to spoofing incidents.

Facility Manager’s Guide to Security: Protecting Your Assets

- Among the topics discussed here are perimeter security, locks, entry tracking, CCTV, audio surveillance, background checks, drug testing, and emergency response.

A VoIP in the Wilderness

- Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming increasingly popular as corporations learn they can use their broadband infrastructure to save money on phone bills. But the potential threats from VoIP are still unclear, and companies trying to save a buck could find that they’ve exposed themselves to far greater problems.

HAndling Mail

- Get this new U.S. Postal Service guide on handling suspicious mail.

Web Mapping Illustrated

- Google Earth now lets computer users zoom through space to specific sites all over the world. Mapping is also making great strides in the law enforcement world, where geographic information systems (GIS) have been replacing pin maps. Systems such as New York City’s COMPSTAT have been highly successful in mapping and depicting virtually any combination of crime/arrest locations, crime hot spots, and other information in real time.

The Case Against Star Wars

- It’s been 20 years since a weapon was tested in space—the so-called “Star Wars” program of the Reagan Administration. Now, the president has revived the notion of space weapons, as embodied in an Air Force strategy to “dominate” space, through the use of weapons. Scholars at the Henry L. Stimson Center, a nonpartisan Washington, D.C., think tank, warn that militarizing outer space will create a galaxy of problems. A Stimson Center guide addressing these issues says that if the United States tests space weapons, “others will follow.” And if a space-arms race occurs, satellites could be easily destroyed by space weapons, which would lead to major disruption because satellites play a central role in government, the military, business, and emergency operations. @ Get Space Security or Space Weapons? a guide to the issues via SM Online.

Resource for the Road

- "Guide for Emergency Transportation Operations" addresses issues related to highway infrastructure.

Introduction to Homeland Security, Second Edition

- No sooner was the term “homeland security” coined than did a cavalcade of books appear with that buzz phrase in the title. In its first edition, this book merited the right to use that term, and it continues to do so in this second edition.

Enemy at the Water Cooler: Real-Life Stories of Insider Threats and Enterprise Security Management Countermeasures

- New tomes on executive protection, homeland security, and the rise of private military companies in the post-9-11 world draw rave reviews.

New in Plaintext

- True to the title, this book is easy to understand, and the projects are easy to follow. They range from customizing the desktop panel with shortcuts to installing and running new applications. There’s even a chapter on learning to use the dreaded Terminal.

Setting Standards for Canine Detection

- A lack of common standards dogs canine detection, defining interoperable communications, states debate driver’s licenses, and an interview with Iowa’s director of homeland security.

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