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More Passport Files of "Flagged" Individuals Viewed

- Investigations at the State Department are trying to determine if the passport files of "high-profile" individuals were improperly viewed.

Elsewhere in the Courts: Discrimination

- The plaintiff suing his employer for sexual discrimination based on sexual orientation has been ordered to preserve photographs he took on his cell phone for use as evidence during the trial. The defendant claims that the photos prove that the plaintiff took part in the banter he later characterized as discrimination.

Taking Screening to the Next Level

- Workers need to be rescreened periodically to detect warning signs that could lead to fraud or workplace violence, but companies must be cognizant of the legal restraints when doing such screens.

Illegal Worker Discovered in Parliament

- In the latest security lapse, an illegal worker who fled Heathrow security three years earlier was found working as a cleaner at Parliament.

Review: Retaliation

- A woman who was fired after giving negative information about a coworker during an internal investigation cannot pursue a sexual harassment retaliation claim against her employer. According to a federal court, the woman has no grounds to sue since she was only a participant in the investigation, not the party that requested the investigation.

Review: Hostile Workplace

- A woman who sued her employer for allowing a hostile workplace cannot pursue her claim based on two separate incidents where she accidentally saw pornography that her male coworkers were viewing on company computers. However, the court ruled that she could pursue a claim based on the overall environment in which women were continually denigrated, called names, and placed in sexual situations.


- Introduced by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), a Senate bill (H.R. 1705) would prohibit an employer from refusing to hire or to discharge an individual based on that individual's sexual orientation. The bill would also prohibit discrimination in compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of sexual orientation.

Preemployment screening

- A bill (H.B. 1350) pending in the Pennsylvania General Assembly would require that innkeepers conduct criminal record checks on applicants who would have access to room keys.

The Cut of His Jib Doesn't Jibe

- Companies that do not run background checks on job candidates are likely not getting the quality employees they expect.


- A bill (S.B. 475) recently defeated by the Virginia Assembly would have prohibited employment discrimination against applicants who had been convicted of crimes that did not directly relate to the job being sought.

Preemployment screening

- A bill (H.R. 4022) introduced by Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) would allow the owners of private security companies (contract service providers) to access the FBI's criminal database through the National Crime Information Center.

Retaliatory discharge

- (Reeves v. Safeway Stores, Inc., Court of Appeal for the State of California, No. H024375, 2004)

Better Controls for Contractors

- Before contract employees can enter the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters, they must be fingerprinted and pass a rigorous screening process.

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