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Bush Administration Tries to Wrangle Security Contractors in Iraq

- The Bush Administration yesterday outlined stricter rules for private security companies in Iraq, but the details are nonexistent.

UK: Private Security Guards to be Used to Surveil on Illegals

- According to a leaked government document, the British government will hire private security firms to spy on suspected illegal aliens.

Update: 11,000 Illegals Work in British Private Security

- The number of illegal aliens working as private security guards in Britain is twice what was originally thought, revealed the Home Secretary last week.

Meeting Management's Expectations

- Whether in-house or proprietary, the key to building and maintaining a successful security force program is to ensure that it is well-managed and focused on company needs.

Businesses in Scotland Benefit from Counter Terrorism Training

- Project Griffin to be rolled out across Scotland.

China: Security Guard Free-for-All No More

- China set to regulate its 3 million security guards, says the Ministry of Public Security.

Nonlethal Weapon Aims for Acceptance

- This product, like stun guns and pepper spray and other options on the market, is meant to give security and law enforcement officers a choice that is not a lethal weapon.

What's Best for Alarm Response Policies?

- Security must endeavor to reduce the number of invalid alarms to help maintain the crime deterrent effect of alarm systems.


- A bill (H.R. 3068) introduced by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) would prohibit a company owned, controlled, or operated by anyone convicted of a felony from providing contract security guard services for federal government buildings.

Office Buildings

- Guards in New York City buildings are woefully unprepared, according to the city's public advocate.

Hospital security

- A measure (A.B. 6204)under consideration in the New York Assembly would require that private hospital security officers receive 40 hours of comprehensive training in fire prevention, basic criminal law, first aid, and use of restraint. The bill would require that the state develop the training program.

Private security


Distinguishing Tourists from Terrorists

- The right to photograph the exterior of private buildings from a public place is protected by the First Amendment, say legal experts. So absent suspicious activity, photographers snapping photos should generally be left alone. That’s the case at the Sears Tower, for example, says director of security Keith L. Kambic, CPP.

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