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Blackwater Guards Surrender to Authorities

- Five Blackwater Worldwide security guards allegedly involved in the September 2007 shooting, which killed 17 in Nisoor Square, have surrendered to authorities today.


- A new law (P.L. 110-356) prohibits a company that is owned, controlled, or operated by anyone convicted of a felony from providing contract security guard services for federal government buildings.

Multiple Scandals Topple Head of Britain's Security Licensing Authority

- The chief executive of Britain's Security Industry Authority (SIA), which licenses private security guards and bouncers, has quit after Home Secretary Jacqui Smith asked for his resignation after learning licensing staff did not have the requisite security clearances.

U.S. Has Spent at Least $6 Billion in Iraq on Private Security Contractors

- The United States has spent at least $6 billion on private security contractors, like Blackwater USA, in Iraq since the war began in April 2003, according to a report released today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

Security Guard Shot Dead Outside Marijuana Clinic

- The security guard was shot dead outside a pot clinic during a robbery attempt yesterday in Los Angeles.

LAPD Wants to Exclusively Provide Security on Hollywood Sets

- LAPD Chief William Bratton argues the current movie-set officers, many of whom are retired police officers, are not accountable to the police department.

Patrols Gone Private

- A new program in California will put private security on the street to augment an overworked police force.

Security Guards

- A security guard company that reported an incident based on information from a private citizen is not liable for the arrest of innocent parties. In the case, police arrested three people after a mall patron reported a crime to a security officer, who, in turn, notified police.

Making Security Officers Matter

- By empowering security officers, property owners and security managers can effectively harden soft targets while increasing the professionalism and legitimacy of a much maligned profession, says one ASIS member speaking at a fire-safety conference.

Canada: Firms With Government Contracts Face Greater Scrutiny

- Quebec's government will now thoroughly screen employees, managers, and shareholders of firms receiving government security contractors after news one contractor had ties to organized crime.

Is Private Industry a TSA Scapegoat?

- Government blames private industry for the lack of new security technology while private industry blames government for not encouraging the development of new technology.

Panel Says PSCs Are Here to Stay; Need Regulation

- A diverse panel, including industry advocates and an executive, agreed private security contractors need U.S. regulation to weed out irresponsible firms and hold contractors responsible for abuses.

Security Industry Booming in India

- India's rapid industrialization has spurred explosive growth in its private security industry.

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