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Government Contractors

- A bill (S. 1145) that would expand the government’s ability to prosecute U.S. contractors that commit criminal acts in other countries has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill must now be taken up by the full Senate.


- Two American citizens who were tortured by the U.S. government can proceed with their lawsuit against the United States and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, says a federal appeals court.

Morning Security Brief: Security Contractors, A Warning to Pakistan, Adobe Bug Fixed, and More

- A town replaces it law enforcement with private security. The U.S. delivers a warning to Pakistan. Adobe says that it has fixed a bug in Flash Player that allowed hackers to spy on customers. And more.

Fan With Stun Gun Prompts NFL To Enhance Pat-Down Procedures

- The NFL is enhancing personal searches from the ground up.

Morning Security Brief: Security Spending, U.S. Troops in Libya, Maharashtra Strike, and More

- Economists say money was spent unchecked in the War on Terror. No boots on the ground in Libya changed on Monday to eight boots on the ground. Doctors' security demands are met in India. And more.

Illegal Phone Problem Plagues Bureau of Prisons

- Every year the Bureau of Prisons loses potential revenue because of illegal cell phones.

Afternoon Security Brief: Malware Risk, ER Security, Trafficking Legislation, and More

- U.S. receives software with malware pre-installed. NPR looks at efforts to secure emergency rooms. A new laser could reduce the effectiveness of RPGs. And more.

Former Women’s Prison To Become International Corrections Training Center

- A $1.5 million grant will turn the former Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility into a first-of-its-kind training center for international corrections officials from countries where the prison systems are still developing or plagued with problems.

Are Diplomatic Security Forces Ready For a More Offensive Role in the Middle East?

- At a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing Wednesday afternoon, a Government Accountability Office official expressed concerns that the State Department’s diplomatic security operations may not be prepared for new challenges that will come as troops withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Morning Security Brief: Arizona Prisons, Human Error, Base Security, And More

- An audit of Arizona prisons shows chronic problems. LulzSec claims to have shut down. Base stickers scrapped to increase security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Cartel Collaboration, Secure Communities, Border Security, and More

- Mexican cartels sharing information and expertise with U.S. gangs. Federal authorities revamp Secure Communities initiative. National Guard tours on border extended. And more.


- A new ASIS Foundation CRISP report takes a look at the problem of fatigue, and how it can particularly affect those in security positions.

Campaign Security Hits the Hustings

- Protecting a political candidate presents unique challenges.

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