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- When an art school goes up in flames, evacuation plans become crucial.

Fire Prevention

- After two years of the worst wildfires in the state’s history, Colorado’s Legislative Council formed the Wildfire Matters Review Committee to review and propose legislation related to wildfire prevention, mitigation, and related matters. The committee’s findings were published in January 2014 and recommended changes to state law, including new bans on agriculture burning and fireworks.

Agency of Last Resort

- Communities will turn to the local fire department in the aftermath of a disaster, says a recent report, and fire officials must be prepared.

Congresswoman Calls for Upgrades to Women's Facilities in Fire Stations

- Legislation was introduced last month that would provide DHS grants to fire departments to upgrade facilities for female firefighters.

Fires . . . Accidental or Arson? Fire Investigations

- This book is a valuable asset for detectives or criminal investigators, who are tasked with collaborating with fire officials.

Firefighters Say Illegal Immigrants In Border Areas Keep Them From Fighting Fires

- Firefighters say the presence of illegal immigrants in border areas and fear for their safety keeps them from utilizing their full arsenal for stopping wildfires in the Arizona border region.

The Assessment Center Handbook for Police and Fire Personnel

- Charles D. Hale developed this handbook to give police and fire administrators a tool that they could use to determine employee readiness.

Fighting Fire with Prevention

- A look at fire prevention and preparedness at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Protecting the Bravest: New Technologies For Locating Firefighters Inside Buildings

- New technologies under development can be used to help locate firefighters in burning buildings and determine whether they are in distress.

Protecting the Bravest

- New technologies under development can be used to help locate firefighters in burning buildings and determine whether they are in distress.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Fire Safety

- A bill (H.R. 4908) introduced by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) would provide grants that colleges and universities could use to improve fire-safety programs. The grants, which could be for amounts up to $250,000, would be awarded to fund programs to increase fire safety awareness among college and university students, including those living in off-campus housing. The grants would fund a program for up to two years and would have to be matched by an investment of at least 25 percent of the total grant amount.

Fast Track to Fire Safety

- How Oaklawn Racing and Gaming in Hot Springs, Arkansas, revamped its fire system while the facility was being expanded.

Nuclear Power Plants Move to Software-Based Risk Assessments to Fend Off Fire

- Nuclear power plants across the country with the support of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are moving to terminate human-led fire protection for systematic, computer-based risk assessments, according to The New York Times.

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