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Just 2 Seconds: Using Time and Space to Defeat Assassins

- Attacks against high-risk individuals will have begun and ended in the time it took you to read this. 

The New Bodyguard: A Practical Guide to the Close Protection Industry

- A guide for those who want to work as body guards—without the mythology.

Outwitting the Outlaws

- In Mexico, as in some other countries, kidnapping executives is a low-risk, high-return business for criminals. Companies must help employees avoid becoming victims.

Mexican Crime Wave Drives Personal Security Spending

- Wealthy Mexicans are investing in personal security measures ranging from GPS systems to bulletproof clothing.

Blackwater to Move Away from Protection Services

- Blackwater Worldwide officials say protective services were never "the master plan" and argue that sensational media coverage has distorted its image.

Protecting Soft Targets in Tough Places

- Aid agencies working in the world's most violent regions contemplate additional security measures as they find themselves under fire.

Police Testify On Behalf of Bulletproof Vest Program

- Senators and police tout the Bulletproof Vest Partnership during National Police Week.

Virtual Kidnappings Scare Up Ransoms in Mexico

- The latest criminal craze to hit Mexico uses fear as its asset.

Experts: U.K. Companies Must Protect Employees Traveling Abroad

- A new U.K. corporate manslaughter law may elevate corporate liability if employees get injured or die while traveling on the job, says iJet Intelligent Risk Systems.

Relationships Critical to Overseas Personnel Protection

- Building and maintaining relationships can be the most crucial aspect for protecting an organization's assets and people in volatile regions overseas, a security director told attendees at ASIS International's global terrorism conference.

UN Personnel No Longer Protected From Attack

- "Our blue flag does not protect us anymore," UN official says.

Negligent supervision.

- A Colorado appeals court has ruled that a business owner, Donald Keller, can be held liable for the negligent supervision of an employee, Firat Uzan, who sexually assaulted a family friend on the premises. Uzan, who had been asked to work alone at the store on weekends, brought the 12-year-old girl to the store and molested her. The court found that Keller should have known that Uzan was dangerous after three former employees, all of them teenaged girls, informed Keller that Uzan had sexually harassed or assaulted them on the premises. (Koca v. Keller, Colorado Court of Appeals, No. 02CA2498, 2004)

Scam Plays on Fears of Kidnapping

- Mention Latin America to the average person, and thoughts of salsa dancing and rain forests may come to mind. Mention the region to corporate executives and kidnapping is likely to be their first thought.

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