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Trial of Man Who Allegedly Killed Hospital Security Guard Begins

- A trial in Springfield, Missouri, that began yesterday underscores the dangers that hospital staff and security face regularly in the emergency room.

Human Trafficking

- A recent House of Commons report concludes that human trafficking is a serious but murky problem in the United Kingdom due to unreliable statistics. The report also provides recommendations for addressing the problem.

Mexico: 12 Off-Duty Military Intelligence Officers Kidnapped,Tortured, and Slaughtered

- Mexican police found the bodies of 12 off-duty military intelligence officers murdered by an "ultra-violent" Mexican drug cartel in the western state of Michoacan Monday night, reports The Washington Post.

Despite Target Hardening, Abortion Doctor Murdered in Church

- The Kansas-based late-term abortion provider murdered yesterday had lived a life blanketed in security, according to various media reports.

Can You See Me Now?

- Cell phones can double as portable location devices, which may be a security risk for executives.

Private Security

- Humanitarian Policy Group's recent study "Private security contracting in humanitarian operations" maps the trends in the use of private security providers in humanitarian operations.

2008 the Deadliest Year for Aid Workers, Report Says

- Last year was the most dangerous year on record for humanitarian aid workers, continuing trends where aid workers find themselves the victims of violent, politically motivated attacks.


- How prevalent is stalking in the United States? The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a comprehensive look at the crime.  


- 430 The percentage increase in targeted Trojan horses sent to company executives via e-mail in 2008 compared to 2007. The number of attacks jumped from about 10 per day to about 53, according to MessageLabs Intelligence: 2008 Annual Security Report, published by parent company Symantec.

Staying Secure While Saving the World's Wildlife

- Much like other international NGOs, the World Wildlife Fund is implementing new security standards and formalizing international security policies and procedures.

Six Westeners Kidnapped in West Africa Held by Al Qaeda, Group Claims

- Al Qaeda's North African affiliate plans to issue demands for the release of two Canadian diplomats and four Europeans, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

The President's New Armored Limousine

- As part of a time-honored tradition, President-elect Barack Obama will make his way down Pennsylvania Ave. toward his swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol in a newly-christened armored limousine.

Is Obama's Train Ride into the District the Safest Mode of Transporation?

- The environmental organizations Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have sent the Secret Service a letter asking the agency to switch President-elect Barack Obama's arrival into Washington, D.C., by train on the weekend before Inauguration Day to a safer mode of transportation.

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