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Securing High-Risk Hotels

- Reducing the risk of terrorism at new hotels in high-risk locales requires innovation and thoughtful planning at the design and architecture phase.

Morning Security Brief: Wrongful Convictions, Cyberattacks at NATO summit, Prison Riot Leaves One Dead, and More

- The National Registry of Exonerations. Hackers target NATO summit. The National Guard is called in to help quell a Mississippi prison riot. And more.

Enterprise Mobile Duress: A Mobile 'Panic Button' for Healthcare Providers

- For National Hospital Week, we interviewed Mark Jarman, president and CEO of Inovonics,on the benefits of enterprise mobile duress systems in healthcare settings expanding on the panic button concept.

From the Archive: VIP Press Coverage and Executive Protection

- Protective services agents play a greater role in how their VIP is perceived by the press than they know. Here are some tips from the January 2011 edition of Security Management for how protective service agents can ensure that the press gets access without endangering the VIP, so everyone can do their job.

Excessive Force

- A federal appeals court has ruled that the parents of a teenager killed by police may pursue their excessive-force lawsuit. The teen was armed with a pocketknife and was threatening to kill himself. An appellate court instructed the lower court to determine whether the officers could reasonably suspect that the teenager posed an immediate threat to their safety.


- A subcontractor is responsible for the actions of an employee who accidentally ran over another worker on a job site. An appeals court found that the employee furthered the overall progress of the project and “the resulting risk of injury was inherent to the enterprise.”

Opposition Party Candidates Often Left Unprotected During Campaigns

- Governments will typically put up the money to protect incumbents during campaigns, but they are often slow to protect candidates of opposition parties. Taiwan's opposition party is questioning why, after two shootings, its candidates won't be given armored vehicles.

The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Threats

- A new, improved, and expanded version of the International Foundation for Protection Officers' 1986 original.

Avoiding Another Giffords-Style Attack

- Noted executive protection professional Robert L. Oatman, CPP, offers tips on how to give staff an executive protection mindset and skill set in the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy.

Reducing Risk for Elected Officials

- Giving all federally elected officials and high-profile government officials special security is impractical, but there is something elected officials and other high-profile targets can do to protect themselves: rely on their staff. (Online Exclusive) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Preventing Violence at Work

- Addressing workplace violence in all its forms reduces absenteeism, turnover, and litigation. It also improves morale, and most importantly, saves lives. Good policies and proper training are keys to success.

SM Archives: Politicians in the Line of Fire

- In a cover story from almost 20 years ago, security professional Joseph A. Kochis, CPP, detailed how to protect a political candidate while out on the campaign trail.

A Company's Top Three Concerns During a Kidnapping

- During an employee kidnapping, the company's responsibility to its captive employee isn't the only thing it needs to worry about.

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