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Exploited Labor

- The Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs last year released its initial public list of goods believed to be produced by forced or child labor in violation of international standards. The list, which was required by the TVPRA, sorts the risks by country, good, and whether the goods were produced with child labor, forced labor, or both.

Handbook of Crime Correlates

- A study of studies, The Handbook of Crime Correlates is a compendium of more than 400 statistical tables based on more than 5,200 studies.


- 7 The number of countries effectively curbing foreign bribery of public officials, according to a new report on combating global corruption by Transparency International.

Don't Steal This iPhone

- An unlucky thief's decision to pluck an iPhone out of the hands of an intern gave the world a sneak peek at a powerful new situational awareness tool for police departments.

Supreme Court Update: Fraud

- The Court ruled that a lower court must reexamine the fraud conviction of former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling.

Judging the Evidence

- A U.S. district judge takes a hard look at the scientific validity of forensic evidence.

Economic Misery and Crime Waves: The Second Great Depression and the Coming Crime Wave, and What We Can Do About It

- Economic Misery and Crime Waves is undermined by a multipli­c­ity of quotations, a shortage of empirical data, and an undertone of religious fervor.

Counterfeiting and Piracy: At What Cost?

- Two different studies try to grapple with calculating the cost of counterfeiting and piracy.

Violent Threats Against Members of Congress Surge from 2009 Through 2010

- Some members of Congress have been living dangerously since 2009 as they confront a spike in violent threats from disgruntled, often mentally-ill and down-on-their-luck, constitutents and citizens, according to an investigation by POLITICO.

Morning Security Brief: Mexico's Business Risks, TSA Nominee's Testimony, Facebook's False Friends, and More

- Rising violence in Mexico causes U.S. businesses there to rethink investment; TSA nominee discusses intelligence, screening, and other issues with Congress; a homeowner learns a hard lesson about Facebook "friends," and more.

FBI Instructional Video Shows How Surveillance Cameras Can Help

- The FBI has released a 20-minute video that shows how private sector use of surveillance cameras can aid law enforcement.

Morning Security Brief: Bank Crime Stats, Airport Security Wait Times, and Whole-Body Scanners

- Only 4 percent of bank crimes are violent, says FBI; Government wants to track your personal device at airport to assess wait times; and whole-body scanners at airports could become compulsory.

Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis

- The 24 contributors of this book make it a virtual "who's who" of modern international criminology.

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