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Where Will Criminals Strike Next?

- New computer programs allow police to allocate resources to areas where crime is most likely to take place.

Police in Delhi Order Employers to Protect Female Workers at Night

- A rape epidemic in Delhi, India, has working women afraid and the police ordering companies to ensure their female employees get home safely.

Ciudad Juarez Reaches Morbid Milestone: 3,000 Murders in 2010

- Ciudad Juarez—the Mexican border city just across the Rio Grande River from El Paso, Texas—yesterday reached a morbid milestone: over 3,000 people have been murdered in 2010 alone.

Fast Food, Easy Money

- A series of burglaries at fast food outlets reveals many security lessons, including simple ways to enhance security at these types of facilities and why franchisors may want to be more proactive in offering advice to franchises.

Morning Security Brief: Japan's Mafia, "Friendly Fraud," and Reducing Crime

- Japan continues its efforts to fight entrenched mafia ties to various industries. Online businesses step up efforts to curtail "friendly fraud." And criminologists' ideas on how to reduce crime.

Morning Security Brief: Whistleblower Proposal, Intelligence Budget, Liquid Explosives Screening, and More

- The SEC has issued a proposal for comment to clarify how whistleblowers can win awards by reporting fraud. The Director of National Intelligence announces progress in gaining stronger authority. Agents find a tunnel used to smuggle drugs. The European Union approves liquid explosives screening equipment. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Gun Violence, Archive Security, and Data Privacy

- U.S. law enforcement groups join forces to fight gun violence. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has not effectively implemented information security controls. Privacy Group calls for more comprehensive and effective privacy protections when data is shared between the EU members and the United States.

Morning Security Brief: Identity Theft, Worldwide Corruption Perceptions, and Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials

- Reports of identity-theft up 123 percent in suspicious activity reports since 2003. The United States slips slightly in Transparency International's ranking of corruption perceptions of countries. But another report on bribery of foreign officials gives the U.S. high marks.

Crime Prevention: Theory and Practice

- Crime Prevention is an outdated examination of a discipline, which does not give proper due to private security professionals.

Criminal Intent

- A new report says there’s a lack of criminal intent provisions in new criminal laws, so people may be punished for crimes they didn’t know they were committing. Read the report here.

Arson, Texas: Anatomy of the East Texas Church Fires

- Over a six-week span earlier this year, arsonists torched 10 East Texas churches. An inside look at their rampage shows how churches can protect themselves. (Online Exclusive) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

U.S. Congressional Legislation: DNA

- A bill (H.R. 4614) introduced by Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM) that would provide grants to states for DNA collection has been approved by the House of Representatives. The bill is now pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.The bill would increase existing grant funds for states that have DNA collection programs.

Exploited Labor

- The Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs last year released its initial public list of goods believed to be produced by forced or child labor in violation of international standards. The list, which was required by the TVPRA, sorts the risks by country, good, and whether the goods were produced with child labor, forced labor, or both.

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