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ICE Given Power to Investigate Drug Crimes

- An unspecified number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will be given the ability to investigate drug crimes at the U.S. border, long the jurisdiction of Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

State Department Official Outlines Successes and Failures in Drug War

- A top official in the State Department on Friday highlighted four countries critical to keeping narcotics off American streets, farms, and cul de sacs and said that the United States is pursuing a "comprehensive solution" to contain drug use and drug-related violence.

Mexico: Shootouts Between Troops and Drug Traffickers Leave 21 Dead

- A shootout between Mexican soldiers and drug traffickers around the town of Villa Ahumada in the northern state of Chihuahua has left 21 people dead as Mexico slides further into anarchy, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Drug Testing for Teachers?

- Should teachers be subjected to random drug testing? That's a debate currently circulating through the U.S. court system, notes a Time analysis of the issue.

Illegal Drugs

- A new Motorola survey says consumers rank drug trafficking and drug possession as their number one public-safety concern.

New Standards for Drug Couriers

- The National Transportation and Logistics Association wants to regulate last-mile couriers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, but smaller companies question whether participation is worth the cost.

New Law and Bilateral Agreements Help U.S. Stop Semi-Submersible Drug Smuggling

- Representatives from the U.S. government discussed new strategies to fight the increasing use of self propelled semi-submersibles (SPSSs) by Colombian and Mexican drug traffickers at the 2008 Marine Security Expo on Wednesday.

A New Drug Battlefield

- West Africa is emerging as another frontline in the war on drugs.

Making Drugs That Kill

- Substandard antimalarial drugs may cause a more drug-resistant strain of the virus to evolve.

Drug Running

- For drug runners, moving illicit money around the world is as easy as using a cell phone. To read an explanation of how they do it, check out the State Department’s paper.

Drug Testing

- A city’s suspicionless, preemployment drug test of a prospective library worker was unconstitutional because the job did not meet the criteria for a high-risk position. Read the federal appeals court decision.


- 93The percentage of the world’s opium poppies grown in Afghanistan last year, according to the U.S. government’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. Poppy production soared in the southern provinces, where Taliban-led insurgents use drug trafficking to finance their operations. Poppy cultivation is declining in poorer, but more secure, northern and central provinces.

South Korea Training Cloned Detection Dogs

- The BBC reports that the first cloned detection dogs are being trained in South Korea.

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