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CBP: Taking Out Cartel Leadership Has No Impact On Flow Of Drugs

- The flow of marijuana from Mexico to the U.S. remains steady even after cartel bosses are killed or captured.

Morning Security Brief: Heroine Control, Iran Supplying Weapons, TSA Duped, and More

- More Heroin being seized at the Southwest border. U.S. says Iran is still backing the insurgency in Iraq. And TSA is baffled at how a man was able to crisscross the country with fake boarding passes.

A Look at Mexican Drug Cartel Membership Trends

- Experts’ concerns about the increased use of child soldiers by Mexican drug cartels were affirmed Wednesday after a bloody confrontation between members of Los Zetas and Jalisco State Police at a cartel training camp resulted in the arrest of 10 members, five of which were in their teens. There also appear to be more female members.

Drug Testing

- The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a lower court ruling that would have allowed able-bodied employees to use provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act to challenge a company’s drug testing policy (.pdf). The company wanted to see if drug use was leading to its high accident rate.

DEA Special Agent: My Life on the Front Line

- From the streets of Harlem to Kingston, Jamaica, a 26-year retired DEA agent provides a personal, yet cursory history of the U.S. war on drugs.


- Oregon’s disability laws do not shield employees who use illegal drugs, including medical marijuana, and employers don’t need to accommodate such use, ruled the Oregon Supreme Court. In a case brought by a worker who was fired after his employer learned of his medical marijuana use, the court noted that the state must yield to federal law in this instance even though the use of the drug is legal for medical purposes in Oregon.

DEA Scores Two Victories Against Stealthy, Sophisticated Latin American Drug Traffickers

- In the past two weeks, the Drug Enforcement Administration helped interdict a drug-running semi-submersible off Guatemala while providing intelligence that uncovered the construction of a full submarine for drug smuggling in Ecuador.

U.S. Regulatory Issues: Drug Testing

- The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced that it will not relax its drug testing policies despite state laws allowing the use of medical marijuana. The DOT issued guidelines on the matter after the Justice Department publicly noted that it will not pursue federal prosecutions for medical marijuana use.

Will Mexican Law Impact Business

- In light of Mexico’s decriminalization of some narcotics, companies should review employee drug-use policies.

Counterfeit Drugs

- Fake and substandard medicines create public-health problems with global reach. Experts at an American Enterprise Institute panel discussion addressed the issue.

Fake Medicines Require Global Remedy

- International cooperation is necessary to combat the illegal global trade in dangerous counterfeit and substandard pharmaceuticals, panelists argued at an American Enterprise Institute event.

Drug Testing

- A federal appeals court has ruled that new regulations requiring that certain urine drug tests be performed under direct observation are justified and constitutional.

A “War of Choice” on Drugs in Mexico?

- A former Mexican government official questions the current government's approach to fighting drug cartels, calling it politically motivated.

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