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- A man sued the government for violation of his Fourth Amendment rights after a pat-down at an airport checkpoint revealed 700 Oxycodone pills hidden on his body. The court ruled that the pat-down was reasonable because the man consented to the search and could have withdrawn from the search at any time.

Colorado to Discuss Retinal Scans, Fingerprinting to Secure Prescription Drugs

- Colorado lawmakers want to make medication dispensing more secure by requiring biometric verification when patients fill prescriptions, but critics of the plan worry that with the amount of data lawmakers want to collect, information breaches could be more damaging to patients than ever before.

Morning Security Brief: Guantánamo Recidivism, Counterfeit Drugs, Hackers Target Anonymous, and More

- The Office of the Director of National Intelligence publishes its annual report on Guantánamo. Groups push to enhance penalties for counterfeit drugs. Unknown hackers target Anonymous. And more.

NOPD Announces ‘Scarlet Letter’ Campaign to Promote Crimestoppers

- The New Orleans Police Department announced a new initiative on Friday to gain the public’s trust and show that they are following up on tips provided through its tip line.

Medical Marijuana

- Medical marijuana law does not apply to private employers and does not protect employees from being fired for drug use, according to a ruling by the Washington Supreme Court. One judge dissented, arguing that the law should be rewritten.

As the Availability of Drugs Increases, More Young People Become Abusers

- The demand for drugs in America is growing, and particularly among young people, the rate of drug use has increased, according to the United States Department of Justice's annual National Drug Threat Assessment.

Prison Searches

- Prison officials are protected from liability for using technology to search visitors for drugs. In the case, a prison facility scanned visitors for drugs using a portable ion scanning machine. Individuals who were screened argued that the scan violated their Fourth Amendment rights but the appellate court disagreed, ruling that the machine was not intrusive.

Morning Security Brief: Anthrax, Drug Testing, TSA, and More

- Documents show security gaps in anthrax lab. The Guam Department of Corrections' drug testing policy is called into question after an officer fails a drug test. And the TSA raunchy note writer is identified.

Assessing Progress in the War on Drugs

- The global war on drugs is a failure, according to a recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Assessing Progress in the War on Drugs

- The global war on drugs is a failure, according to a recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Drug Policy

- The Global Commission on Drug Policy’s recent report says the war on drugs has failed. Read why they think so and what they recommend.

Catching the Counterfeiters

- What makes drug counterfeiting particularly challenging is that it can be difficult for consumers to figure out whether a pill or medication is the real thing.

Drug Testing

- A federal appeals court has ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not stipulate how long a drug user must undergo rehabilitation before being protected by the act, but an employee is not protected by the ADA if the drug use is sufficiently recent that the employer can reasonably believe drug abuse is still an issue.

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