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What Ails Online Pharmacies

- Online pharmacies are a multimillion dollar business, but it’s a consumer-beware world in which much of what is sold is not what it purports to be. Governments and the private sector are trying to address the problem.

Canadian Sentenced to Four Years for Illegal Pharmacy Web Site

- In 2001, the FDA warned Andrew Strempler that selling drugs from his online pharmacy would be illegal in the United States. He did it anyway ...

Medical Marijuana

- An employee who was fired for using medical marijuana may not sue his employer, according to a federal appeals court. The court ruled that the state law in Michigan, which allows the use of medical marijuana, does not protect the employee from disciplinary action.

Drug Counterfeiters Increasingly Use Real Drug Ingredients

- More counterfeit drugs are turning up with traces of actual active pharmaceutical ingredients as counterfeiters try to stay a step ahead of anticounterfeiting efforts.

Counterfeit Drugs

- A bill (H.R. 4223) that would enhance penalties for drug counterfeiting has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee. The bill must now be taken up by the full House of Representatives.

Drug Shortages Push First Responders to Use Expired Meds

- States are responding to the shortages by loosening rules, allowing emergency medical personnel to keep old drugs around in the absence of unexpired meds.

Danish Anthrax Death May Be Linked to Tainted Heroin

- Danish health officials suspect contaminated heroin, not terrorism, is behind the death of a man whose blood tested positive for anthrax.

Counterfeit Drugs

- A bill (S. 1002) that would enhance penalties for drug counterfeiting has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill must now be taken up by the full Senate. The bill would make it illegal to knowingly steal or embezzle a medical product or obtain it through fraud or deception. It would also be illegal to transport, handle, traffic, or store a stolen medical product. The bill defines a medical product as a drug, biological product, device, medical food, or infant formula that is being transported or stored prior to being available for purchase.

Drug Testing

- A new Florida law requires that state employees be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol. Read the law to find out how the testing program will work and who will be tested.

Lawmakers Call for Caribbean Counternarcotics Strategy

- Homeland security lawmakers want more U.S. attention brought to security vulnerabilities in the Caribbean.

Most Men Arrested Test Positive for Drugs

- In some areas, as high as 81 percent of adult males arrested test positive for drugs at the time of arrest, according to a drug abuse monitoring report released by the White House on Thursday.

Morning Security Brief: LAX Screeners Arrested, Kaspersky Labs on Mac, 2012 Olympics, and More

- TSA screeners busted for drug smuggling operation. Kaspersky Lab founder slams Apple on security. British official says he feels the main threat to the 2012 Olympics will come from rioting, not al Qaeda. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Biometric Technology Advances, White House Drug Control Strategy, Interview with Hezbollah, and More

- NIST evaluate iris scanning technology. The White House releases the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy. Julian Assange interviews the leader of Hezbollah. And more.

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