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- In a dispute over the accuracy of government intelligence reports, a federal appeals court has ruled that a lower court erred when it refused to accept such a report in the case of a Guantanamo detainee. By accepting the report, the court noted, the burden of proof correctly shifts to the plaintiff to prove that the facts are incorrect.

Cruise Ship Security

- The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA) of 2010 imposes safety and security requirements, the majority of which are now in effect, on cruise lines that do business in the United States. Read the legislation online.

GPS Tracking

- The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that police officers need a warrant to track a suspect’s movements using GPS, but there’s more nuance than first meets the eye. Read the ruling here.

GPS Tracking Limits

- The U.S. Supreme Court says law enforcement is not allowed to install GPS trackers on people’s cars without a warrant.

Morning Security Brief: Private GPS Tracking, Oakland Occupiers Clash With Police, Facebook Sues Marketing Company, and More

- The use of GPS trackers by private citizens is on the rise. Violent clashes between Occupy Oakland and police led to 400 arrests over the weekend. Facebook sues Adscend Media over clickjacking. And more.

Legal Report

- Courts rule on premises liability, privacy, and employment. Plus legislation on hiring, data security, crime prevention, and more.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Police Need Warrant to Track Suspects

- The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the police must obtain a warrant before using GPS to track suspects.

Eyewitness Testimony

- The New Jersey Supreme Court has handed down a list of new rules regarding the admission of eyewitness testimony in court. Read the full ruling online.

Hostile Work Environment

- A female neurosurgeon has been awarded $1.6 million in damages on a hostile work environment claim. The jury found that the surgeon was belittled by a male colleague, who called her “a little girl,” and asked whether she could really perform a “big operation.”

Accidents Will Happen

- Hospitals and other types of workplaces will see their share of accidents. Whether the company gets sued as a result may depend on how well security officers and other employees are trained to respond to, document, and learn from those incidents.

Legal Report

- A court rules that police officers acted unreasonably in using Tasers but they were protected under the law as it stood at the time of the incident.

Trade Secrets

- At a recent hearing on “Cyber Threats and Ongoing Efforts to Protect the Nation,” members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence focused attention on China. Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) noted that cyber theft by the Chinese government is a particularly thorny problem because the activities are targeting U.S. companies rather than the U.S. government.

Government Contractors

- A bill (S. 1145) that would expand the government’s ability to prosecute U.S. contractors that commit criminal acts in other countries has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill must now be taken up by the full Senate.

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