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Emergency Alerts

- New technology is helping implement a 2006 executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to develop a next-generation public alert system. See the original directive.

Fighting Butterfly Effects with Starfish Resilience

- Preparing for the decade ahead.

Planning for Disaster

- In today’s global business environment, almost every company is at risk of supply-chain disruption from a man-made or natural disaster, though most won’t be as severe as last year’s earthquake-tsunami in Japan. While companies can’t control events, they can minimize the fallout their brands suffer with proper contingency planning.

Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide

- Healthcare professionals, emergency managers, and government officials will find in this work a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for and respond to disasters.

Psychologist: Mental First Aid Should Be Incorporated Into Resilience Plans

- After a traumatic event, psychological first aid can help a company and its employees get back on track.

Urban Area Perspective: Tuscaloosa

- Associate editor Matthew Harwood interviews David Hartin, director of the Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency.

HHS Lists Top Disaster Apps For First Responders and the Public

- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Disaster Information Research Center has published a list of recommended smartphone apps and mobile optimized Web sites to put disaster information at the fingertips of both first responders and the public.

Natural Hazards, UnNatural Disasters: The Economics of Effective Prevention

- Despite the number of contributors, the book is exceptionally well-written with a substantial quantity of carefully researched information.

Security of Mobile Communications

- Security of Mobile Communications provides detailed information on many aspects of communications security and would be valuable even to nontechnical security managers.

Occupiers, Capitol Police Make Security a Priority During Occupy Congress

- Security and maintaining a peaceful protest were primary concerns for occupiers, who converged on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building on Tuesday morning.

Morning Security Brief: FedEx Fined For Violating Sanctions, Somali Pirate Report, Queensland Flooding Revisited, and More

- FedEx fined for shipping "security sensitive" items to sanctioned companies. The number of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia has increased,but the number of successful hijackings has fallen, says a new report. An Australian police commissioner stands by his decision to lock residents out of a flooded town after a major disaster. And more.

Morning Security Brief: New York Testing Location-Based Alerts, Illegal Gun Sales, Hospital Malware, and More

- New York is testing its cell phone notification emergency alert system today. An investigation finds that private sellers are willing to sell to buyers who say they can't pass a background check. Malware forces a hospital to close for three days. And more.

CHEMM-IST to help First Responders Diagnose Chemical Exposure

- Diagnosing illness after a mass casualty chemical attack? Ask a CHEMM-IST.

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