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Comcast’s 9-11 Lessons

- What Comcast Center learned from 9-11, plus security at the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia and at a U.S. Postal Service processing and distribution center.

Morning Security Brief: Costa Rica Earthquake, ‘Hundreds’ of Afghan Troops Fired, Bizarre Bank Robbery, and More

- In Costa Rica, ‘concrete and steel’ minimized damage from Wednesday’s earthquake. Afghanistan fires hundreds of soldiers after an increase of green-on-blue attacks. Two bank robbers pull off a heist after kidnapping bank manager. And more.

Disaster Preparedness

- A European project aims to model the best responses to disasters. Part of the project is a tool to help first responders and private industry make the best choices in a crisis.

Hospital Bioterrorism Unit Serves as a Tuberculosis Ward

- A hi-tech renovation at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center was added to the emergency room to respond to biological attacks. For now, it serves as a tuberculosis containment ward.

Catastrophic Disaster Planning and Response

- Oliver does an excellent job of covering this topic, providing tips even seasoned professionals can learn from and building the reader’s knowledge base with a historical perspective.

Researchers Say Fukushima Workers Have PTSD Symptoms

- A survey finds that most workers from the Fukushima Daiichi plant have experienced some type of psychological distress since the disaster.

Emergency Management Perspective Interview with Trina Sheets

- Associate Editor Matthew Harwood interviews Trina Sheets, executive director of the National Emergency Management Association.

Pennsylvania Provides Free Potassium Iodide for Residents near Nuclear Power Plants

- The Pennsylvania Department of Health is providing communities with free stockpiles of potassium iodide to prepare for radiation emergencies.

Operation Medicine Delivery After-Action Report

- For at least one household, their aggressive dog is what stood between them and the life-saving medication after a simulated anthrax attack.

Emergency Management Perspective Interview with Trina Sheets

- Trina Sheets, executive director of the National Emergency Management Association, is interviewed.    

Emergency Management Exercises: From Response to Recovery

- There is no shortage of books available to help security managers deal comprehensively with creating, conducting, and evaluating emergency exercises. This is the latest to tackle this subject. And it does an excellent job of pulling together the key elements in this area.

Morning Security Brief: Detecting IEDs from the Air, HSBC Investigated, Flash Drought, and More

- IED detection from the air. A new report says lax controls at HSBC allowed it to be used by criminals to move money. Fifty-five percent of the U.S. is in drought conditions. And more.


- States have not made enough improvements in the areas of cybersecurity, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Report. Find out what other areas need improvement.

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