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Homeland Security

- To find out what's at risk in Illinois, read the full interview with William C. 'Bill' Burke, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Terrorism and the Chemical Infrastructure: Protecting People and Reducing Vulnerabilities

- The book has its place in the security literature for professionals working in the chemical infrastructure arena.

A Healthy Dose of Security

- South Carolina's Greenville Hospital System upgrades its security program thanks to a healthy dose of funding.

State Perspective – Tennessee

- A talk with Tennessee's top homeland security official.

Target: Middle East Oil

- Protecting Middle East oil amid increasing political instability and increasing demand.

State Perspective – Illinois

- William C. “Bill” Burke has served as director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency since 2003, coordinating incident response while building terrorism preparedness alongside Illinois Homeland Security and the state’s Terrorism Task Force.

Critical infrastructure

- A bill (H.R. 143) introduced by Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) would allow the government to provide direct assistance to the private sector in an emergency.

Governors Guide

- A new 80-page guide is intended to give governors an overview of their homeland security roles and responsibilities. Topics covered include communications interoperability and mutual-aid agreements.

Reserve Strength

- The National Guard is woefully under equipped and in need of reform, says an independent commission chartered to look into the issue. Its report details the problem and recommends solutions.

Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers

- As recent events have illustrated, emergency planning is an activity no organization can afford to ignore. Emergency planners in either sector would benefit from the second edition of Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers.

State Perspective – Georgia

- An interview with the acting director of Georgia Office of Homeland Security (GEMA).

Preventing the Next Campus Shooting

- It's early to draw specific lessons from Virginia Tech but it is helpful to look at policies and procedures in place at other institutions and to examine how technology is facilitating emergency communications.

Drug Makers’ Protection Prescription

- Pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico join forces to prevent terrorism and prepare for crisis.

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