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Lessons from Swine Flu, Year One

- On the first anniversary of the first fatality from swine flu, an infectious disease specialist discusses lessons learned from a still mysterious virus on today's The New York Times op-ed page.

Schooled in Preparedness

- A federal grant allowed the East Aurora (Illinois) School District to create and implement a top-notch all-hazards emergency management plan.

Doing It the Dutch Way

- A look at how the Netherlands pioneered public-private partnerships and how it is using the model to propel innovation in homeland security.

Imagining Security

- The 21st century will lead to a paradigm shift in the way people think of security, Imagining Security says.

State Lawmakers Defeat Bill Banning Biometrics

- Lawmakers in New Hampshire have defeated a bill that would have banned biometrics.

Learn the Words Spammers Use to Lure You in

- Spam happens. Learn how to spot e-mail spam before you open it.

Urban Area Perspective - Chicago

- An interview with Raymond Orozco, the executive director of the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications

Building a Digital Forensic Laboratory: Establishing and Managing a Successful Facility

- Those looking to establish a digital forensics laboratory, should look elsewhere.


- The nonprofit CDC Foundation is holding a series of summits to teach meta-leadership methods developed at Harvard University. The goal is to train people to facilitate cross-jurisdictional cooperation to improve interagency communications in emergency management. Read a white paper on the concept of meta-leadership.

Urban Area Perspective - Hampton Roads

- Security Management interviews Rich Flannery, emergency management administrator at Virginia's Hampton Roads Planning District Commission.

Tailored Training

- Security managers must set up a training plan for various types of employees and then establish a tracking system to ensure that the program is working as intended.

Achieving Goals in the New Year

- How can security managers successfully achieve goals in the New Year?

Baker Saves Dough

- A national bakery chain found that sending alarm signals using IP technology rather than landlines led to significant savings.

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