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Preventing Employee Fraud

- By understanding what types of fraud are most prevalent during a downturn, security can keep internal theft from creating a fiscal crisis for the company.

This Base is Covered

- How the 11th Security Forces Group provides protection for Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility just outside of Washington, D.C. Among their missions are base access control, working with military detection attack dogs, and protection of visiting dignitaries.

The Victim, the Family, the Company: The Three Dimensions of Consequence During a Kidnapping

- In a kidnapping scenario, companies must successfully navigate the three dimensions of consequence to best protect the life of the victim and the company. (Online Exclusive)

Stay Calm in a Crisis

- Training is the key to ensuring that faculty, staff, and students make the best possible decisions during and after a school emergency.

Securing the Big D

- Senior Editor Teresa Anderson descended on Dallas to see how four local groups keep themselves safe and secure in the "Big D" for October's cover story.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Jeff Hawkins--Violence in the Church

- Security professional Jeff Hawkins discusses the under-reported nature of crimes directed at churches nationwide, why George Tiller's murder could have been prevented, and how all houses of worship can protect themselves against crime and violence.

Federal Perspective-Infrastructure

- Security Management interviews Todd M. Keil, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the Department of Homeland Security.

Network Mapping Solution

- How network mapping helped a government agency flag potential firewall misconfigurations in addition to possible noncompliance with regulations and standards.

Hershey Hits Security Sweet Spot

- New incident-tracking software helps a theme park manage all types of incidents from locating lost items to banning problem patrons.

Partnering Against Anarchy

- An on-the-ground report of how a public-private partnership between police and private security protected Toronto's downtown area from greater damage during Black Bloc anarchist riots during the G20 Summit. (Online Exclusive)  

Helping Employees Cope

- Managers can use assistance programs to help victimized employees avoid trouble and stay focused on their jobs.

Taking Security Global

- To ensure that security measures are in line with a region’s actual risk, multinational companies must consider corporate culture and employee attitudes.

Active Shooter

- The Department of Homeland Security has created a pocket-sized card (.pdf)  that helps victims of an active shooter incident get through the nightmarish ordeal.

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