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From the Archives: Security and the Kentucky Derby

- In honor of this year's Kentucky Derby, Security Management invites you down memory lane to see a story on securing the 2006 Kentucky Derby.

ASIS International Introduces World’s First Standard to Support the Code of Conduct for Private Security Service

- ASIS received ANSI approval for its standard, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations.

Morning Security Brief: Medical Device Standards Wanted, Behavioral Alert Program, Controversial Witness Protection, and More

- The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board wants the FDA to address medical device vulnerabilities. Johns Hopkins implements a system to warn staff of violent patients. Judges order jail for a victim and key witness against a serial rapist. And more.

Former DHS Official Recommends Reorganizing the Department

- The Department of Homeland Security should begin a fundamental reorganization by developing a unified field structure for its components and separating operational and technological acquisition responsibilities, according to a former DHS official.

New Disability Rules

- New regulations alter workplace disability rules, making it easier for employees to be classified as disabled.

Military Contractors

- ASIS International is developing a standard to help guide private security contractors operating in areas with weakened rule of law. Learn more about the standard as well as other related private security guidelines online.

Morning Security Brief: Data Breaches, Olympic Training, Codis, and More

- The SEC urges corporations to report data breaches. Police in the UK will undergo special Olympic training. And scientists scrutinize the FBI's proposed changes to Codis. And more.

ASIS International and SHRM Release Joint Standard on Workplace Violence

- ASIS International and the Society for Human Resource Management issued a joint Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention American National Standard aimed at helping organizations implement policies and practices to more quickly identify violence affecting the workplace.

Morning Security Brief: Public Safety Perceptions, Flash Mobs, Chinese Detention, and More

- A survey examines public perceptions of safety in the United States. A report from the Center For Immigration Studies offers recommendations to improve watch lists. Lawmakers target flash mobs. And more.

Facebook Issues Security Tips Guide

- Because users may have a hard time discerning scams, Facebook recently released a 14-page guide of little known tips and instructions to help its 750 million users navigate the social networking site safely.

Morning Security Brief: Weapons Ordinances, Medical Device Security, Graffiti Deciphering, and More.

- Wisconsin cities move to ban weapons in public buildings. Lawmakers ask the GAO to asses medical device security. Researchers are working on an app to decipher gang graffiti, and more.

Convenience Store Group Raises Awareness About Credit Card Skimming

- Convenience store association says credit card fraud via information skimming has become rampant, and it is trying to fight back by educating retailers.


- Though recommended for e-mail, encryption is often viewed as burdensome. This e-mail encryption program from Sendinc is both free and easy to use.

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