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Smart Card Guidelines

- The Smart Card Alliance Identity Council has issued guidelines on best practices regarding implementation of radio-frequency technology in identity management systems.

Fingerprint Technology

- A government study on effects of scanner height on fingerprint capture found that it depended on whether the print was being taken from the right or left hand.

Violent Behavior

- The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has released its guideline that aims to help organizations identify the potential risk for violence among individuals.

Governors Guide

- A new 80-page guide is intended to give governors an overview of their homeland security roles and responsibilities. Topics covered include communications interoperability and mutual-aid agreements.

Economics of Terrorism

- Another RAND report looks at al Qaeda’s attacks from 1993 to 2004 and finds that al Qaeda is attempting to cripple the U.S. economy.

Security and Human Rights

- A RAND study examines 15 years of U.S. assistance to repressive states and finds that it failed to bolster human rights or accountability.

Overseas Risk Management

- U.S. businesses operating abroad must incorporate security and risk management, notes a year-end analysis by the Overseas Security Advisory Council.


- Corporate rules against fraternizing at work can apply to social situations but not to unionizing activities.


- A company’s preemployment test, which was designed to measure the strength of job applicants, illegally discriminated against female candidates


- Employees of a casino have the right to sue their employer after security guards physically restrained them during a union meeting held during a work break.

High-Rise Fire Safety

- Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Chicago Fire Department, and the Chicago Housing Authority recently set controlled fires in an abandoned Chicago apartment building to test a new fire-fighting technique. Link to the video clip.

Reserve Strength

- The National Guard is woefully under equipped and in need of reform, says an independent commission chartered to look into the issue. Its report details the problem and recommends solutions.


- Has the Iraq War revitalized al Qaeda and increased the rate and lethality of jihadist terrorist attacks worldwide? Find out why some experts say yes.

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