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Transit System

- Despite the attacks on the Madrid and London rail systems, commuters concerned about safety should think twice about forgoing mass transit for cars, according to a brief paper by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent Canadian research institution specializing in transportation issues.

Nuclear Vulnerabilities

- A Department of Energy internal report finds that the agency has failed to protect critical nuclear assets.

Weak Passwords

- A new survey examines consumer password preferences.

Credit Card Fraud

- This report highlights 10 ways that businesses can reduce credit card fraud.

Lingua Franca

- CIOs should develop IT plans to support their companies’ overall business objectives.

DHS Infosec

- DHS has taken huge strides toward better protecting its networks, says the agency’s inspector general.

Data Breaches

- This report examines the total cost to the bottom line of failing to protect customer data from loss or theft.


- A study conducted by Booz Allen for ASIS International looks at the implications of convergence.


- A report looks at trends in attacks on Colombian pipelines.

Religion at Work

- Ten tips for avoiding discrimination lawsuits arising from religious accommodation requests at work.


- A student sued a community college when he was injured while learning arrest and control measures in a peace officer training class.

Noncompete Agreement

- An employee filed a preemptive lawsuit against an employer, claiming that the noncompete agreement prohibiting him from working for a competitor was not enforceable.

Premises Liability

- The California Supreme Court has ruled that a restaurant patron who was assaulted in the parking lot can sue the restaurant for negligence.

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