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Posted by j_stormseeker on Fri, 01/16/2009 - 15:50

Good Afternoon,
I have a quick question.  Does anyone know where i could find a source or does anyone have something i could get from them in regards to security system specs.  What i mean by that is something to tell the contractor that wires can only run along these type of walls, they can not be X distance from this area etc.
Any help would be great!

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Generic Installation Specifications

This is something most often provided by security consultants and/or architects and engineers and is something they would prefer not to hand out for free.  From your question, I suspect you are working to do this yourself and minimize some efforts versus recreating the wheel.  The requirements you ask for are generally "tweeked" by the specifier from interogitories from the specifier to the end-user or customer.  These details are often found in new construction documents in the electrical or "special systems section under the section refering to the specified system and the general part of the sub-section often called "execution" or installation.  If you have access to a set of plans/specs from a colleague's new construction project, these could become a guide. There may be an example of a specification, or at least I believe there used to be, in the ASIS Assetts Protection Manual.

You could look in NISPOM and

You could look in NISPOM and the overprint.  Also depends on the facility but you could also view the DCIDS.


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