"Security Officer" title

Posted by Chris on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 21:52

What's in a name?  We are looking at the right title for for our safety and security staff.  Security Officer is the current title but we are looking for something that more closely resembles a park ranger role.  Does anyone have an example to share?

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Instead of "Security Officer"

What type of facility/premises is it?

"Identity crisis"..what to call our security team now?

I've work @ the SD Convention Center since it opened in November 1989,  We originally started out as armed Police Officers. Two years later, an administrative decision disarmed us, laid off 50 % of the fulltime staff..the name still stuck around, as did the original uniform.  We went to another police uniform, and still kept the Police designation for another few years.  Subsequent to that, we changed to a third police uniform, and became "Public Safety Officers".  That flew for a few more years, and we morphed into "Asset Protection Officers"....Currently, we are "Security Services Officers", wearing the same uniform as the local Sheriff's Department <minus any offensive of defensive items>.  We "protect & serve" with a full/part time agency strength of about 30.




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