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Retail Security Cameras (WDR)

Posted by Messoa on Fri, 12/04/2009 - 19:24

Retention, Shrinkage, Five-Finger discounts, Thieves, Vandals, Robbers, and The like.... all growing numbers throughout the world as people find themselves more and more desperate with a slowly strengthening economy. Not only has this Les Mis scenario caused this, but there has been evident lack of security and surveillance to protect and/or to prosecute suspects and criminals. Even in retail locations where cameras have been installed, the quality image is so poor that it leaves criminals with enough detail that a simple hood and glasses can mask their identity well enough to hold in court.
Establishing that there is a global problem, within not only the United States, and affirming that there is a lack of quality cameras installed, it is now important to learn what is best for the application. In many retail locations in this infant 21st Century flashy lights, sparkles, and vibrant colors have taken over advertising by storm, seemingly overnight. With all of this dynamic lighting and loud colors, it can leave some problems with ordinary surveillance cameras that lack many necessary features in most retail settings. Wide Dynamic Range is going to be your best friend when it comes to many retail stores that have such environments. Wide Dynamic Range is what balances lighting to allow background lighting to overwhelm the foreground. This is usually used in door entries/exits where outside light bounces in and out all day. Sometimes when lighting is bright enough outside and someone walks in, the lighting may overwhelm the person in the picture, making it almost impossible to see details or even the person themselves in the recording. Wide Dynamic Range will allow the door to be open and closed all day and still balance the lighting to where the face and all details will be captured.
There are several factors to include beyond the dB, WDR, or SNR, but in general, WDR should be one of the first factors in many retails applications, especially those that have reflections, intense lighting, and swinging doors.

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