Refinery Thefts - Emergency Alert Speakers

Posted by benjaminriggi on Thu, 11/11/2010 - 10:08

All Members -
 I am currently assisting in attempting to deter a rash of thefts at one our refinery locations.  A local gang has cut their way through our chain link fence, mount a refinery unit and steal the large annunciator "all weather" speakers.  The speakers are then mounted "under" personal vehicles to blast the operator's music. 
 Additional security measures we have put into place thus far:  Cut back the sugar cane crop that was 12’ tall and within 10-15’ of our fence line.  We now have about 100 yards of clear zone.  Placed additional light plants along the fence line, particularly at the spots they have cut more than once and where the remaining speakers are located.  We cut down some of the headlands, and trenched some of the drainage ditches to make access onto the property and through the fields a little more difficult (almost an impossible task given they are using 4 wheelers).  We contracted a specialized security guard force.  Something between our fixed base company and a task force type such as Black Water.  Unarmed, but better qualified, trained, etc.  Items that remain to be completed are replacing the missing speakers with a box constructed to prevent them from snatching them and we are looking hard at perimeter intrusion along that section of fence.

The gang is in and out between 62 seconds and 3 minutes.  CCTV alarms via intrusion detection immediately followed by security guard force response.
Has anyone else experienced this type of in/out theft pattern.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Stake outs are currently in place.
Ben Riggi  - Please feel free to respond directely to my email:

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