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PTZs (Speed Domes) on School Campuses

Posted by Messoa on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 20:19

PTZ speed domes possess many benefits for monitored campuses throughout the world. Do these speed dome cameras not only provide versatility in field of vision and monitoring, but also provide a sort of Twenty-First Century dynamic of technology and ease of protection and prevention. Many Speed Domes manufactured these days have options of various optical zoom, and optical zoom being far greater than that of a digital zoom. Generally speaking, good 18x, 26x, and 36x optical zoom modules are staples for these types of PTZs. Some have also transitioned with H.264 codec. Temperature and general weather may be of significance when choosing a quality speed dome. It is important to know the environment in which you plan to install the unit. Fogging, cold, heat, wind, rain, hail, and vandalism tend to be the main forces of danger for the unit. A good model should have at least an option of a heater and be IP67 (waterproof for even submersion), as well as vandal proof. Vandal proofing will ensure that even extreme weather, hail and wind (or maybe even a falling unit) will not affect the camera or equipment. Furthermore, for many years school violence has been a fear for all. PTZ speed domes can help prevent and/or monitor campuses with greater ease and wider field of vision to limit such violence on campuses. Some college campuses have expressed that a fear of a "1984 affect" may take place, but when danger is lurking many students, parents, and faculty ask where the cameras are. It has been suggested, and already implemented, that the security department hire students to monitor, to make them feel safer, more alert, and more comfortable with having cameras throughout the school grounds.

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