Plastic Key "Break Box"

Posted by benjaminriggi on Sat, 03/07/2009 - 11:44

HELP!!  Several years ago I purchased a great product.  The product was a plastic "break box" for emergency key control.  The clear plastic box was the size of a cigarette pack and was in two pieces.  You would place the key in the box and then "snap" the box closed.  To open it, security staff would "stomp" on the box, cracking it open and recovering the key.
Please, any vendor information would be helpful.
Ben Riggi, CPP
Destin, FL

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Plastic Key "Break Box"

You could contact your local Fire Dept and ask as well; I have seen many of these boxes installed at community colleges and schools for use by FD personnel. The boxes contain a master key for the FD to use in case of em'cy.

Sorry I could not provide an exact vendor info.



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