Plant Closing - Physical Security Action Plan

Posted by ecoley on Fri, 10/10/2008 - 12:08

I am looking for a checklist or form to use for plant closing (shutdown).

Such as......

1. What physical security game needs to be implement or reviewed before the announcement to the employees?

2. What tighter security measure needs to be implemented and/or controlled... more security officers, more cameras, etc.

Any help is appreciated. Would like to take a proactive approach to prevent theft verses detecting it.

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Whoa! This is not a simple

Whoa! This is not a simple check list. This is a strategy and project that requires a lot of input from many different aspects of your business. Staff involvement is the first step. Gather your pens and pencils and start storming out the issues and outcome requirements.



Plant Closures

I was searching SM for the same information you are/were seeking. Did you ever find a source for the action plans that you can share?



Security !

One thing is certain, if the fear of a closing is in the air, introduction of new security methods (I.E. camera installation, new locks) can really fuel the rumor mill. For the best chance of not raising suspicions do these installations over night, the day prior to the announcement. Any good security firm should be able to oblige such a request. And, don’t forget a camera (noticeable, and perhaps even signposted) anywhere supplies are stored.



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